BREAKING NEWS! Bob Bradley is no longer the manager and sporting director in Toronto, so what's next for the club and one of the United States' best-ever coaches? Plus, the best things we saw in MatchDay 21, including a Wiebe list, and Tom Bogert's transfer predictions...

00:54 - Bob Bradley out in Toronto

19:54 - Where do Toronto go for their next coach? 

26:22 - Should TFC tear it down and rebuild?

36:00 - What’s the ceiling for Vancouver? 

43:39 - Reynoso starts, Minnesota blow it late

45:20 - Big road win for St. Louis!

48:44 - Young Players building off U20 World Cup success

51:10 - Current state of U.S. Youth Development

1:01:43 - Transfer news & notes with Tom Bogert

1:17:15 - Mailbag


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