Houston are champions! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, Matt Doyle, and Stefano Fusaro celebrate the Dynamo's upset win and Ben Olsen's amazing coaching job. The guys then dive into LAFC's Campeones Cup disappointment and the biggest games of Matchday 35.

2:48 - Houston are Open Cup Champions!

14:19 - Ben Olsen deserves a ton of credit

26:09 - Is Miami’s season a success despite a disappointing USOC loss?

39:15: - Our predictions: MLS Cup Contenders

51:00 - Another final, another LigaMX team, another loss for LAFC in Campeones Cup

1:03:01 -  MLS NEXT Pro's unique playoff twist

1:09:15 - Games to watch in Matchday 35!

1:18:30 - MLS Squad Picks, join!

1:21:33 -  Mailbag


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Miami control their own destiny! Portland are the hottest team in the league! Andrew Wiebe, Matt Doyle, and Tom Bogert break down the wild swings in the playoff race, and preview Wednesday’s U.S. Open Cup & Campeones Cup. 

1:53 - Why Philly can win MLS Cup

8:00 - Shoutout to D.C. and Austin fans

9:23 - Lucho Acosta gets new contract, balls out

20:23 - St. Louis’ fantastic season continues

30:05 - East playoff race update

39:16 - Miami officially control their own playoff destiny

43:29 - U.S. Open Cup Final Preview

48:50 - West playoff race update

46:03 - Miles Joseph is coaching himself into a full-time job

55:50 - RSL bounceback, Jefferson Savarino drama

1:05:20 - Campeones Cup: LAFC’s chance to exorcise Liga MX demons 

1:09:25 - MLS NEXT PRO Decision Day drama! 

10:10:20  Golden Boot Draft update


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Four more playoff places booked! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, and Matt Doyle break down everything from Matchday 33 including Messi's injury, Cucho's MVP case, and Billy Sharp saving the Galaxy's season.

2:24 - STL clinch playoff spot, amazing season continues

6:15 -  Cucho an MVP candidate?

11:05 - Billy Sharp saves the Galaxy’s season

15:34 - STL, LAFC battle to draw

27:03 - Are Houston MLS Cup contenders? 

31:15 - Do the Sounders have anything left in the tank? 

35:04 - Why the Crew can win MLS Cup

40:42 -  Philly are still in good shape for the playoffs

46:54 - Will Messi, Jordi Alba miss extended time? 

52:30 - East playoff race update 

57:36 - West playoff race update


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It's crunch time for the playoff race! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, Matt Doyle, and Stefano Fusaro break down all the biggest moments of Matchday 32 and look ahead to the most pivotal matches Wednesday night. Who will win the West? Who will make the playoffs in the East? All that and more!

5:12 - Houston Dynamo’s GO-LA-ZO

9:16 - Cardiac Cats! Orlando's crazy comeback

16:25 - Matt Miazga causes chaos as Cincinnati draws Philly

18:30 - Denis Bouanga pushes LAFC into the West's top teams

20:50 - In or out: Messi’s Argentinian fashion or Messi’s Argentinian pizza?

25:47 - With a win vs a Messi-less Miami, is Atlanta back?

34:13 - We see it coming, Messi’s needed a rest

39:39 - East Playoff Race Update

53:30 - The path forward for the Rapids

1:00:38- El Trafico delivers... again!

1:05:00 - West Playoff Race Update

1:17:45 - Biggest Matches to watch on Wednesday Night


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It's almost awards szn! Andrew Wiebe sits down with David Gass, Matt Doyle, and Stefano Fusaro to pick out their frontrunners for MVP, Goalkeeper of the Year, and more! The guys also preview a huge weekend of games and discuss what comes next for the Revs after a week of chaos.

0:00 - Intro

4:22 - Orlando visits the Crew for a 6-pointer

8:52 - Philly’s last attempt for a Supporters’ Shield at Cincinnati?!

14:57 - Tata and Josef back to Atlanta… with Messi!

22:09 - The pride, the drama, the honor… yes it’s El Trafico

28:24 - Playoff positioning at stake in the Hudson River Derby

36:06 - The long-term future of the Revs

47:44 - Golden Boot draft update

57:01 - The Goalkeeper of the year RIGHT NOW is...

1:01:00 - Picking the frontrunners for MVP, coach of the year, and more!

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A truncated MLS slate doesn't mean a truncated ETR! Wiebe is back as the guys dig into Inter Miami's big win and improved playoff chances, LAFC's struggles, St. Louis CITY's ability to find a diamond in the rough and much more!

5:45 - Sam Adeniran and STL still atop the West

14:15 - Evander's breakout, Portland downs LAFC

16:15 - LAFC will make the playoffs… right?

21:40 - Sartini’s master plan to have Vancouver playing at their best

22:50 - Sergio Busquets outsmarts everyone

29:08 - Goalkeeper assist!!!!

30:35 - Miami wins without Messi... The playoff dream is very much alive

41:50 - Under the radar player of the weekend: TKP!

50:35 - Bruce Arena resigns, where do the Revs go from here?

1:00:22 - Danny Musovski in limbo

1:06:23 - Efrain Alvarez to Tijuana

01:10:56 - USMNT v Uzbekistan breakdown

01:13:30 - Mailbag

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Our favorite topic: young players! David Gass, Matt Doyle, and Stefano Fusaro make their cases for who should be at the top of this season's 2022 under 2022 list and review all the biggest stories of Matchday 30.

6:55 - Breaking down Miami's impressive win over LAFC

18:05 - DC’sTed Ku-Dipietro is balling!

27:17 - Vancouver Whitecaps win Cascadia Cup

32:20 - Alan Pulido is right in the Golden Boot race

38:05 - St. Louis have a chance to prove themselves against SKC

41:31 - Orlando, Facundo Torres upset Cincinnati 

48:11 - Colorado's problems were bigger than Robin Fraser 

58:50 - Our picks for the No. 1 spot on this year's 22 under 22 list

1:21:30 - What a successful window looks like for the USMNT

1:23:13 - Matchday 31 Preview


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