It's a jam-packed Monday show for you! Andrew Wiebe and Matt Doyle go through everything from MLS Matchday 11 including Messi's continued brilliance, where Diego Chara ranks all-time in MLS, and whether Austin are back.

2:16 - Best things we saw - Brian White revenge game!!!!

9:12 - Why we’re applauding Miami’s ambition (even if you hate them)

19:18 - Is there any hope for the Revs?

24:07 - How legit is Austin’s form?

29:30 - What Vancouver proved in their road draw with Red Bull

34:12 - RSL, Arango are on fire

36:30 - Peter Vermes and his iPad

37:17 - Likely end of the road for Reynoso... does Minnesota even need him?

41:32 - Breakdown of NYC’s positive turn in form

48:00 - Chris Brady balls out

49:10 - We’re a little concerned about Almada and Atlanta

52:20 - Where does Diego Chará rank all-time among MLS D-Mids?

54:40 - That’s Wack: Seattle and Nashville

59:55 - San Jose splash the cash!!

1:08:52 - New Segment! Liga MX Minute


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The Crew did (half) of it! Andrew Wiebe recaps Columbus' impressive Leg 1 win over Monterrey in CCC, interviews the Portland Timbers' Evander, and talks with Paul Dolan and Lori Lindsey ahead of a big MLS Matchday 11!

1:29 - Columbus get Leg 1 win!!!

3:16 - Interview: Evander on his favorite goals and best Brazilian number 10s

24:09 - Interview: Paul Dolan ahead of Red Bulls - Whitecaps

46:53 - Interview: Lori Lindsey ahead of Philly - RSL


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THE RAPIDS!!!!!!!! Andrew Wiebe and Matt Doyle sit down to discuss everything from MLS Matchday 10 including THE RAPIDS, Chicho and RSL rolling, and which coaches are under the most pressure. 

2:55 - How real are THE RAPIDS

9:22 - Prince Owusu wonder goal 

11:03 - Eric Ramsay, Minnesota are rolling

17:32 - How real are Chicho and RSL?

30:11 - Galaxy can’t contend unless they fix their set piece issues

34:09 - Miami keep rolling, but will injuries catch up with them?

40:13 - Nashville are in trouble

44:50 - SKC - STL Derby-Q is a top-3 rivalry in MLS

52:13 - LAFC, RBNY share spoils in marquee showdown

54:19 - Crew head into CCC in not great form

57:35 - NYC saving season with home form

59:30 - Austin winning, but is it sustainable? 

59:59 - Sounders are in deep trouble 

1:02:10 - Coach Pressure Rankings


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Longtime partner in soccer Brian Dunseth is back! Dunny joins Andrew Wiebe to run through everything MLS ahead of Matchday 10 including RSL's success, what Minnesota should do with Reynoso, and how he'd try to slow down the LA Galaxy attack. Add in an awesome interview with D.C. United star striker Christian Benteke and this is a show you definitely don't want to miss! 


5:50 - Why LAFC are the best team Brian Dunseth has called this season 

12:19 - Wilfried Nancy signs contract extension with the Crew

21:25 -  MLS Cup or bust for Messi, Miami?

30:45 - What's working for RSL and Chico

37:48 - The latest on Reynoso and Minnesota 

42:50 - Evander the best 10 in MLS???

51:06 - How to (try) slow down the LA Galaxy attack

56:04 - The biggest game this week: SKC v.s STL?

1:01:30 - Christian Benteke on LeBron, D.C.'s young talent, and dominating in the air

1:09:46 - Why Troy Lesesne is off to such a great start


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Andrew Wiebe and Matt Doyle are back to break down everything from Matchday 9! Is Ben Olsen coach of the year after Houston's hot start? Did Vancouver get exposed? Phil Neville said what??? All that and more on a full Monday breakdown! 

7:00 - Better result for Philly or worse result for Atlanta?

25:10 - Are Miami now Supporters’ Shield favorites?

31:40 - Who did we learn more about in the Vancouver - Galaxy game?

41:25 - Breaking down Montréal’s style change - what is their ceiling in the East?

49:40 - Can Mateusz Bogusz be the answer for LAFC?

51:15 - D.C. need to find a way to hold onto results

53:20 - Your Coach of the Year frontrunner is…

57:59 - What Minnesota should do with Reynoso

1:01:54 -  Rock bottom for San Jose

1:03:10 - Matt Doyle’s apology to Rapids fans


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It’s a (temporary) return to podcasting for The Athletic’s Paul Tenorio! Paul joins Andrew Wiebe to discuss another tough round for MLS in Concacaf Champions Cup (besides Columbus!), what to watch this weekend, and the latest on the rumored new roster rules!

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This is a good show - we promise! Andrew Wiebe and Matt Doyle deliver on their guarantee of a great show as they dive into everything that happened on Matchday 8: RBNY going top of the table, the latest chapter of the Cucho saga, and, of course, El Trafico controversy!

1:55 - Best things we saw on Matchday 8 (Jader Obrian celebration edition)

10:13 - Vanzeir & Amaya ball, Red Bulls go top of the table

18:16 - Cincinnati still have some issues to sort out

22:42 - Controversy in El Trafico! 

35:18 - Our top 5 teams in MLS right now

43:19 - Uhhhhh, what’s up with Cucho?

49:30 - Can the Crew get past Tigres in Champions Cup?

51:40 - Revs deliver in El Promiso

56:25 - How should the Sounders line up when de la Vega is back?

59:48 - Rapids match Messi’s super sub performance

1:01:20 -  Messi v Monterrey Round 2: Can Miami advance? 

1:05:20 - Can John Herdman keep the vibes high in Toronto after 4 straight Ls?

1:06:14 - How good are the ‘Caps?

1:08:22 - More wack: Portland’s first half or SKC’s second half?

1:12:13 - Things are rough in San Jose

1:15:00 - Why it’s been a struggle for St. Louis so far

1:16:45 - Mailbag


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Takes on his debut! Lloyd Sam makes his first Extratime apperance, joining Andrew Wiebe to talk MLS' tough week in CCC, El Trafico, and what he's seen from Charlotte's bright start to the season. Throw in an interview with the Galaxy's Mark Delgado and we've got one heck of a show for you this Thursday! 


2:00 - Disaster for MLS in Concacaf Champions Cup

9:45 - What in the world is going on with Cucho?

16:10 - Revs’ disaster start continues

23:50 - Lloyd Sam on Charlotte’s bright start to 2024

46:55 - Lloyd’s favorite young players in the league

49:35 - El Trafico preview

52:35 - Mark Delgado Interview

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Jam-packed Matchday 7 breakdown! Andrew Wiebe and Matt Doyle dive into everything from the MLS weekend including Djordje's breakout performance, Orlando's continued struggles, and whether Chicho Arango should've been sent off before his hat trick. 

8:40 - Djordje balls out on LAFC

14:34 - Chicho hat-trick… should he have been sent off?

26:18 - Philly are back, but decisions on Julián Carranza loom

40:16 - Things are bleak in Dallas

45:05 - How much should we believe in Vancouver?

50:15 - Will Cucho Hernandez play against Tigres?

52:13 - Which MLS teams can get through in Concacaf Champions Cup?

55:30 - A season-defining stretch of games for NYC

56:09 - Charlotte’s positive start continues

59:25 - Why we’re not worried about Cincinnati

1:01:05 - Orlando’s spiral continues

1:07:05 - Houston and Colorado: low-key impressing us

1:10:10 - Mailbag


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