One final preseason matchday remains on Saturday and then all eyes turn toward the start of the 2015 regular season on Friday, March 6. And there is already some big news that impacts that first match between the LA Galaxy and Chicago Fire (10 pm ET, UniMas). David and Simon sink their teeth into that as well as the Montreal Impact's shocking result in the Champions League. Meanwhile, the expansion teams continue to grab headlines and a rivalry ranking survey has supporters talking. What will it take for NYCFC vs. RBNY to be as big as RBNY vs. DC?

On the international front, there's a big meeting coming up involving the officials who establish the rules of the game around the world. One of the proposals they're considering is a fourth sub in extratime. But does the idea even make sense? We spoke to a professor who's an expert on the substitution rule and authored a research paper on the topic: Villanova professor and an analytics consultant for Toronto FC, Bret Myers (READ HIS PAPER HERE).

It's the second straight show with a professor dropping soccer knowledge on the show and our mailbag revisits the Cristiano Ronaldo course being offered at the University of British Columbia. We're still taking suggestions on the ExtraTime Fantasy league prize (join at 1183-524) and a medical professional shares a theory on what may have led to Elvis Presley's passing.


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The MLS preseason has never offered a weekend richer in talking points. We delve into a few of the meatier topics on this episode: Should MLS rivals face off this close to the regular season (Portland vs. Vancouver)? Should teams that play on opening weekend meet two weeks before, even in an exhibition (NYCFC vs. Orlando City)? Should rookies have to put up with innocent rites of initiation (Whitecaps)? And should LA Galaxy captain Robbie Keane have to pass the armband on to Steven Gerrard when he joins the team in the summer? 

We move on to the matches that count for real in segment two and the Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals which will see two MLS sides in action. Pachuca and Alajuelense expert Eddie Mendez gives you the lowdown on the teams that stand in the way of a potential all-MLS semifinal between Montreal and DC United. Also, is there less buzz around CCL compared to years past? If so, is it justified?  

No mailbag today, but we replace it with a topic of discussion most soccer avids will find fascinating: a college course on the topic of Cristiano Ronaldo. We talk to University of British Columbia Professor Luis Aguiar, who came up with the idea. Turns out there's a lot more to Cristiano if you can get past the hair gel and self-absorbed goal celebrations.

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Who won and who lost the MLS offseason? Did your team’s moves come out on top or has your club just not done enough. One of the top pickups of the offseason isn’t an MLS newbies, it is league veteran Roger Espinoza. He stops by to discuss his return to Kansas City, wedding gifts for Dom Dwyer, and his time in England. 

 In the second segment the guys jump into their time machine as they begin to worry about how the 2022 winter World Cup will affect the MLS season. What would you do to fit the season in? And is a 48-team World Cup in two different countries in the cards?


 In the mailbag we get a chance to hear who goes on your US Soccer “Mount Rushmore” or if there should even be one. Plus the guys dole out advice to their friend on who he should bring with him to the USA-Mexico friendly. And to close out Simon gets your mouth drooling with his favorite Maltese delicacies (hint: Bugs Bunny won’t be a fan.)


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The season is rapidly approaching, but first come the preseason tournaments. Andrew is headed to Charleston. Where is the best February vacation for MLS fans? And what should folks be looking for at home? Expect an improvement in Colorado. That's based on the guys' conversation with Rapids Sporting Director Padraig Smith, who is at the forefront of the performance analytics movement.

In the second segment, the USMNT and USSF get the spotlight. First, after the Hall of Fame inductions, who would go on your American soccer Mount Rushmore. Then, are you seriously still talking about fitness? Yep, as Jurgen Klinsmann "clarified" things on Monday. Finally, Julian Green finds himself in a tough situation. That can't be good.

We finish off with the mailbag, in which Simon goes off the rails, David gets a shot at running things and Andrew doles out advice to yet more fans with identity issues.

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It’s expansion fever on the latest edition hosted by Greg Lalas subbing in for Andrew, who caught more than just a fever. The guys glow about NYCFC’s Barcelona-esqe preseason opener and then talk to Orlando City midfielder Amobi Okugo, who takes us into Kaka-mania, the OCSC locker and more. Plus there’s Landon Donovan’s engagement and Toronto FC’s “armband-gate.”


In the second segment it’s all about FIFA and the US national team. There’s another FIFA controversy and this time it involves the breaking news about the 2026 World Cup TV rights and the Under-20 World Cup draw, as the US learned its opponents. Also would Jurgen Klinsmann leave the USA national team for the Aston Villa job?


We finish off with the mailbag and a dramatic turn of events: Simon is back in the listeners’ good graces. And this time it’s Greg’s turn to give supporting advance to conflicted supporters.


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January camp is over, but that doesn't mean we're done talking about it. This time, though, the discussion centers around a 2-0 victory against Panama that saw Gyasi Zardes prove he belongs, Clint Dempsey do his thing and Michael Bradley notch an olimpico. What you really want to know is what Simon thinks of Miguel Ibarra's performance, and ETR's resident hot-take expert doesn't disappoint.

In the second segment, the spotlight turns to MLS, where injuries and signings stole the headlines on Monday. Why is Jermaine Jones having surgery? What's wrong with Eddie Johnson? Who is this centerback the Union just signed? Finally, San Jose boss Dominic Kinnear joins the guys to talk homecomings, DPs and Jurgen Klinsmann.

In the mailbag, listeners wonder if Simon soiled himself making noises on the last show, and the conversation, predictably, turns to jam's place in history.

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With MLS still getting into the swing of things, Jurgen Klinsmann and the US national team are stealing all the headlines as the Americans winless streak starts to get attention. Klinsmann says fitness is to blame for a 3-2 loss against Chile, but what about the game before that? The guys dig and talk it through. Could the USMNT boss' job be in trouble if the slide continues? Opinions are split.

In the second segment, it's all MLS all the time. In Toronto, Giovinco arrived at the airport to a massive welcome party? When has that happened before? And, more importantly, will he finish the 2015 season as the league's biggest star? Or will Kaka take that title? Or David Villa? Or Steven Gerrard? Maybe Frank Lampard? You get the picture. Plus, which MLS rumors are bogus and which have a grain of truth?

In the mailbag, the guys decide a US Open Cup bracket has to go on the to-do list, wonder about the Rapids' new signings and ponder Julian Green's future career in MLS.

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The big news in MLS on Monday revolved around Designated Players, those coming and going. Tim Cahill is gone after agreeing to terminate his contract with the Red Bulls. What will his MLS legacy be? Giovinco, meanwhile, is coming, leaving Juventus early to get his Toronto FC career started ASAP. Farther north, Impact boss Frank Klopas is looking for a striker of his own. Will it be a DP? Can he lead Montreal to a Liga MX upset in CCL?

In the second segment, Columbus Crew SC winger Justin Meram joins the guys to tell stories from the Asian Cup. Iraq and Meram made it to the semifinals before bowing out, but they got the rockstar treatment all tournament from more than a million Iraqi fans in Australia. What's next for Meram at the international level? What did he take away from the whirlwind experience?

In the mailbag, a listener revisits the Ronaldinho conundrum as the magic one wears out his welcome at Queretaro and Simon gets called a hypocrite. You'll have to listen to find out how he reacted.

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