Andrew, Doyle and Dave get together to celebrate and break down a busy Matchday 1. Late Messi heroics, big statements by last year's MLS Cup finalists, FC Dallas' formational switch, managerial debuts good and bad and our first-ever ETR Player of the Week Award!

2:55 - Best things we saw from Opening Weekend

9:00 - Galaxy v Miami: both fun, both flawed

22:10 - LAFC gets statement win over Seattle

30:37 - Columbus roll in opener… what was that from Atlanta?

37:52 - FC Dallas and the 3-5-2 trend

43:23 - Federico Bernardeschi is a wingback now?

48:20 - Eryk Williamson, Christian Benteke show out

53:25 - Breaking down the new coach debuts

1:09:40 - Concacaf Champions Cup Preview

1:16:32 - Mailbag


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One game down, many, many more to go! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, and Matt Doyle recap Miami's win over RSL, the MLS clubs involved in CCC, and finish off our season previews ahead of Opening Weekend! 

9:30 - Orlando takes care of business in CCC

14:20 - St. Louis downs Houston 

24:38 - Reason for concern despite Miami’s win?

34:38 - What to make of RSL’s season-opening performance

42:52 - LA Galaxy Season Preview

51:06 - Atlanta United Season Preview

58:46 - Seattle Sounders Season Preview

1:05:41 - LAFC  Season Preview

1:13:19 - Portland Timbers Season Preview

1:21:52 - Colorado Rapids Season Preview


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The 2024 MLS Season is almost here!! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, and Matt Doyle hold the annual Extratime trophy draft to break down the contenders this season and preview Wednesday night's Miami - Real Salt Lake opener! 

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It's the best show of the year! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, and Matt Doyle make their 2024 award predictions before bringing on Tom Bogert for another edition of the Golden Boot Draft!

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Gass is struggling from Mardi Gras, but the guys fight through it to talk preseason drama and continue our season preview team capsules! 

4:45 - Preseason drama! 

12:55 - Can the ‘Caps beat Tigres at El Volan?

17:10 - Sporting Kansas City Season Preview

27:20 - New York Red Bulls Season Preview

35:55 - CF Montréal Season Preview

44:18 - Austin FC Season Preview

53:43 - San Jose Earthquakes Season Preview

1:02:05 - Toronto FC Season Preview

1:10:00 - D.C. United Season Preview


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Our favorite time of the year - CCC is underway! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, Matt Doyle break down all the action of the tournament's opening round before rolling on with our MLS season previews! 

2:58 -Whitecaps' classic CCC performance against Tigres

10:55 - Cade Cowell balls for Chivas

16:37 -Chicago Fire FC Season Preview

30:55 - Charlotte FC Season Preview

40:03 - Minnesota United Season Preview

50:20 - New York City FC Season Preview

1:01:19 - FC Dallas Season Preview


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Two-man weave is back! With Matt Doyle on a much-deserved vacation, Andrew Wiebe and David Gass keep the season previews rolling with deep dives on Vancouver, Cincinnati, Houston, and Philadelphia! Plus, a full Concacaf Champions Cup preview! 

3:59 -  World Cup Final in New… York? Jersey?

10:30 - Diego Rubio is a great signing for Austin

13:09 -  New York City reloading 

16:45 - Galaxy back in for Ramón Sosa?

18:18 - Vancouver Whitecaps FC Season Preview

29:07 - FC Cincinnati Season Preview

42:27 - Houston Dynamo FC Season Preview

53:21 -  Philadelphia Union Season Preview

1:04:25 - Concacaf Champions Cup Preview - which MLS team can win this thing?

1:17:30 -  Mailbag


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We are so back! David Gass returns from shredding fresh powder to help Andrew Wiebe and Matt Doyle get our season previews underway! The guys also debate the biggest offseason winners and break down Chicago's reported big-money No. 9 signing! 

5:45 - The Orlando offseason winner memorial trophy for 2024 goes to…?

9:02 - Eduard Atuesta returns, LAFC offseason starting to look good

18:37 - Leagues Cup draw is out! 

23:40  - Transfer roundup - time to be worried about Austin?

42:47 - Duncan McGuire transfer saga

46:50 - Orlando City season preview

55:34 - St. Louis CITY SC season preview

1:03:54 - New England Revolution season preview

1:12:23 - Nashville SC season preview

1:20:55 - Columbus Crew season preview


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