The gang is all here for our final show of 2023! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, Matt Doyle, and Tom Bogert sit down to get you set for the SuperDraft, discuss the Emil Forsberg signing, and speculate on the latest free agency rumors!

4:57 - U.S. Open Cup Update

7:07 - 2024 Super Draft is here!

8:12 - SuperDraft deep dive with Travis Clark

27:50 - Tommy Scoops’ transfer notes

30:44 - LA Galaxy in a record bid for Talleres’ Ramon Sosa

34:06 - FC Cincinnati, the hot place to be now?

37:37 - Favorite free agent story… Julian Gressel to Inter Miami?

38:52 - A different Colorado Rapids under Chris Armas?

Direct download: 231218_Extratime_Episode_94_FULL_SHOW_AUDIO.mp3
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MLS Cup just ended, but the offseason is already heating up! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, Matt Doyle sit down to get you primed for a huge winter of transfers, trades, and rebuilds.

3:02 - SuperDraft Preview

15:39 - Ciao, Giorgio Chiellini

17:34 - MLS-Y Moves!

23:05 -  Where is Miles Robinson going next?

30:41 - The teams to watch in the offseason

41:56 - LA Galaxy.. Two DP spots open

45:10 - Will Carlos Vela stay in LA… with the Galaxy?!?!?!

50:03 - Concacaf Champions Cup Draw

59:36 - Free Agents Matchmaker

1:15:10 - The Coaching Carousel continues


Direct download: 2301214_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-93_FULL_SHOWAudio.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 4:17pm EDT

Merry Crewsmas! For the second time in four seasons, the Crew are MLS Cup Champions! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, and Matt Doyle dive DEEP into the final, including the atmosphere, how the match played out, and what's next for both clubs.

7:35 - Crew Fans deserve this

12:48 - Columbus Crew culture

18:25 - Wilfried Nancy won MLS Cup his way

27:48 - Game breakdown

54:14 - What now for LAFC after losing 3 finals in a year?

1:12:51 - 2024 outlook for Columbus

1:21:18 - Early favorites for 2024 MLS Cup

1:24:05 - No 4th DP, but other rule changes coming?

1:24:42 - Hello, offseason!


Direct download: 2301211_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-91_FULL_SHOW_Audio.Test.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 4:29pm EDT

MLS Cup is here! Who is going to win it all? Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, and Matt Doyle take a deep dive at the MLS Cup in Columbus vs LAFC, the legacy in Denis Bouanga and Carlos Vela and the big season in Cucho Hernandez and Christian Ramirez!


  • 3:41 - Did you Imagine this final back in the beginning of the season?

  • 4:48 - What are we most excited about?

  • 13:22 - The legacy in Denis Bouanga and Carlos Vela

  • 23:52 - Does Wilfried Nancy needs this MLS Cup for career validation?

  • 29:14 - If LAFC wins… the dynasty begins!

  • 37:25 - Is LAFC  the villain in MLS?

  • 43:27 - Let’s talk lineups’ weaknesses!

  • 54:34 - The battle of the match: Cucho vs. Chiellini!

  • 57:28 - Star spotlight: Bouanga!

  • 1:03:53 - Star spotlight: Cucho!

  • 1:06:50 - X Factor time!

  • 1:09:55 - Which Carlos Vela is showing up in MLS Cup?

  • 1:19:22 - Market News!


Direct download: 2301206_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-91_FULL_SHOWAudio.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 1:42pm EDT

MLS Cup is set! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, and Matt Doyle break down Columbus' thrilling derby win, LAFC's professional victory, and take a first look at the MLS Cup matchup. 

7:12 - Columbus 3-2 Cincinnati - The greatest comeback in playoff history?

11:12 - Ultimate dad week for Christian Ramirez: 2 goals and 1 baby!

16:17 - Crew comeback classic

28:38 -Cincy’s Hell became REAL

41:30 - Darlington Nagbe is an MLS Cup lucky charm

50:12 - LAFC sucks the life out of Houtson’s Tiki-Taka style…

58:22 - LAFC is one win away from the back-to-back MLS Cups

1:02:22 - Despite the elimination, this was a successful season for Houston

1:09:17 - MLS Cup Preview

1:15:22 - Mailbag!


Direct download: 2301204_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-90_FULL_SHOWAudio.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 4:59pm EDT

Who will go through to MLS Cup? Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, and Matt Doyle are back with a full, in-depth breakdown of both Conference Finals!

6:34 - The biggest stage for Hell is Real

14:48 -  Big News ahead of the Eastern Conference Final

18:43 - How will Cincy approach the match?

30:20 -  Coaching matchup: Pat Noonan vs. Wilfred Nancy 

37:30  - Star spotlight: Lucho vs. Cucho

41:13 - X-Factor Columbus: Aiden Morris 

43:17 - X-Factor Cincinnati: Alvaro Barreal 

46:16 - LAFC: Repeat or choke? 

50:13 - Is this the biggest turnaround in MLS history if Houston makes it to MLS Cup?

1:06:50 - X-Factor: set pieces + Ryan Hollingshead in LAFC

1:08:08 - X-Factor in Houston:  Quiñones, Baird or.. Escobar?

1:14:30 - New around the league… Thomas Chancalay stays, Oscar Pareja... maybe?


Direct download: 2301129_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-89_FULL_SHOWAudio.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 5:25pm EDT

The final four teams are set! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, and Matt Doyle break down all the action from the a dramatic set of Conference Semis and look ahead to Saturday's Conference Finals!

4:30 - Cucho slams the door on Orlando

12:04 - Shoutout to the Houston home crowd!

15:29 - SKC out, but turnaround worth remembering

16:41 - Cincy survives on controversial goal

37:20 - Is there a rift between the team and front office in Philly?

45:35 - Columbus are so fun to watch

51:40 - Orlando’s lack of creativity puts Pareja’s job in jeopardy

1:02:30 - Denis Bouanga carries LAFC past Seattle

1:04:35 - End of an era for Seattle… what now?

1:19:48 - Houston through… should SKC have had a PK?


Direct download: FULL_SHOW_AUDIO_v2.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 4:12pm EDT

Conference Semis are almost here! David Gass and Matt Doyle join Andrew Wiebe to break down every playoff matchup as MLS returns from the international break!

6:55 - MLS things we're grateful for this Thanksgiving

10:45 - Let’s talk Conference Semifinals!

11:00 - Possession-oriented attack in Columbus vs. a strong home team in Orlando

30:34- Key absences define the Cincinnati - Philadelphia East Semifinal

48:03- Midfield battle in the West: Dynamo and Kansas City

1:05:05 - Third time the charm for LAFC against Seattle in the playoffs?

1:19:50 - Chris Armas is the new Rapids Head Coach


Direct download: 231120__extratrime_season13_Episode87_FULLSHOWAUDIO_1.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 5:58pm EDT

Mailbag time! With the international break in full swing, Andrew Wiebe and David Gass answer YOUR questions including the future outlook for Atlanta, where the Red Bulls go next, and which teams could become contenders in 2024.

2:11 - Is Luis Suarez coming to MLS?

9:29 - Atlanta United Post-mortem 

24:42 - Who is most likely to win MLS Cup - ranking the teams left

30:59 - Red Bulls clean house - what now for 2024?

42:25 - Where is Troy Lesesne going?

43:42 - How do Chicago Fire get things turned around for next season?

52:52 - Should Minnesota United be concerned?

1:00:22 - NYC and Talles Magno locked and loaded for 2024

1:02:41 - Portland aren't far from a turnaround

1:05:53 - Is Richie Laryea worth a DP spot?

1:06:46 - Key an eye on the Galaxy's open DP spots


Direct download: 231116__extratrime_season13_Episode86_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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Conference Semifinals are set! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, and Tom Bogert break down the final matches of Round One and get you set for all four Conference Semifinal showdowns!

9:14 - Sounders edge Dallas in tight Match 3, defending champs LAFC up next

16:28  - How should LAFC approach the Conference Semis?

23:20 - Dallas face a ton of big questions heading into next season

29:57 - Houston move on… goalscoring concerns remain

32:12 - RSL are in a great spot for 2024

40:33 - Houston v SKC - a classic MLS Playoff matchup

46:27 - Columbus beat Atlanta in a 3-match shootout

54:08 - Can Orlando keep their run going against the Crew? 

57:42 - Matt Miazga wins 2024 Defender of the Year

58:20 - Cincy and Philly meet with huge question marks for both teams

1:04:52 - Offseason odds and ends - lots of front office changes 

1:16:28 - Which MLS team should sign Chicharito?


Direct download: 231113__extratrime_season13_Episode85_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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Round One is almost over, but we have 3 win-or-go home matches first! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, Matt Doyle, and Stefano Fusaro break down every series and get you set for the weekend!


7:11 - Celebrating Messi’s Noche d’Or 

9:00 -  Red Bull Arena’s atmosphere was awesome

12:57 - MLS producing homegrown talent for USMNT 

17:11  - Alamada returns, Atlanta survive

21:30 - What happened to STL?

39:40 - Are LAFC in position to repeat?

52:36 - Can this Union team win MLS Cup?

1:02:40 - Are Cincinnati in trouble? 

1:05:35  -  Pure Red Bull-ing in the playoffs 

1:08:00 - How far can Orlando go?

1:15:45 - Round 1 - Game 3s coming up


Direct download: 231109__extratrime_season13_Episode84_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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Do-or-die time! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, and Matt Doyle break down all the first matches of Round One and which teams can survive and force Match 3!


6:51 -  Hector Herrera conquers 

12:02 - Alvaro Barreal masterclass

17:12 - Kansas City were the lone away win in Round One!

19:40 - 3-Match format breakdown

26:19 - Cincinnati are not messing around

39:22 - Seattle looking very back 

50:18 - SKC stun St. Louis

58:39  - Set pieces kill the Caps

1:06:54 - Houston make soccer fun

1:13:08 - Cucho keeps adding to his goal count

1:26:22 - Do New England have a chance


Direct download: 231103__extratrime_season13_Episode83_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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Best-of-3 time! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, Matt Doyle, and Stefano Fusaro recap two awesome Wild Card Matches, preview every Round One matchup, and talk to Orlando City's Duncan McGuire!

3:58 -  Alan Pulido takes a ridiculous PK in SKC’s victory

8:35 - Tolkin takes New York by storm

18:03 - Round One format breakdown

26:22 - A rivalry match in the playoffs… St. Louis v Kansas City

37:05 - Goals, goals, and more goals coming in Columbus v Atlanta 

45:33 - LAFC biggest weakness exposed vs Vancouver?

54:47 - INTERVIEW: Duncan McGuire on the art of goal scoring

1:06:29 - Forecasting a choppy battle in Nashville vs Orlando

1:12:58 - Plenty of room on the Houston bandwagon bus

1:21:09 - Seattle v Dallas… who is scoring? 

1:19:00 - Is the pressure on… Red Bulls or Cincinnati  

1:33:22 - Philly vs New England could go either way


Direct download: 231027__extratrime_season13_Episode82_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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Decision Day madness! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, and Tom Bogert break down all the late drama, shocking wins and disappointing collapses. The guys also preview the Wild Card Matches and reveal the final Golden Boot Draft Standings!

6:25 - Tolkin to the rescue…Red Bulls continue playoff streak!!

12:17 - Montréal knocked out at the hands of their former coach

27:02 - Charlotte make it happen against Messi… Next up: Red Bulls

32:21 - Which Wild Card team would Cincinnati rather play?

33:57 - Kansas City handles business

38:14   - San Jose are in despite a disappointing season

47:00 - Which Wild Card team would St. Louis rather play?

47:52 - The seeding race in the East

57:44 - Nashville and the underachievement loop

1:03:22 - The seeding race in the West

1:03:37  - Are the Sounders still THAT team come playoff time?

Direct download: 231023__extratrime_season13_Episode81_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 4:39pm EDT

Decision Day is finally here! Andrew Wiebe, Matt Doyle, David Gass, and Stefano Fusaro take a crack at predicting the few playoff spots left in the East and how the crazy Wild West will shake out! The guys also name our MLS Best XI teams and say farwell to USMNT legend Michael Bradley.

2:36 - Our Decision Day memory vault

12:25 - Eastern Conference: seeding + the final two spots

12:44 - Messi set to play against a desperate Charlotte team

21:22 - Toughest match of Decision Day: Montreal v Columbus?

23:45 - Chaos potential in New York v Chicago

34:21 - Reminiscing on Michael Bradley's legendary career 

44:26 - Wild West Decision Day preview

46:14 - Match of the day out West: Kansas City v Minnesota

57:31- Seeding and playoff spots on the line in every match in the West

1:06:33 - Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR MLS Best XIs! 


Direct download: 231019__extratrime_season13_Episode80_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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Our favorite show of the year: Awards! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, Matt Doyle, and Tom Bogert guide you through our picks for 22 different categories!

7:21 - Landon Donovan MLS MVP

11:08 - GK of the Year 

14:06 - Defender of the Year

17:43 - Sigi Schmid Coach of the Year

21:04 - Newcomer of the Year

23:15 - Young Player of the Year

26:22 - Comeback Player of the Year

31:52 - Gass Theorem Award

35:30 - American of the Year

39:26 - Canadian of the Year

42:22 - Concacaf Player of the Year

45:45- Left/Right back of the Year 

49:46 - D-Mid of the Year

52:15 - First-Year Pro/College Player of the Year 

55:57 - Golden Years Player of the Year (35+)

59:05 - Ilsinho Super Sub of the Year

1:01:03 - Level-Up Player of the Year

1:04:26 - Executive of the Year 

1:11:12 -  Blockbuster Transaction of the Year

1:13:44 - Bargain Bin Transaction of the Year

1:16:23 - Personality of the Year 

1:20:00 - Dallas’ disappointing season


Direct download: 231016__extratrime_season13_Episode79_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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Mailbag show! Andrew is still on vacation so Matt Doyle, Tom Bogert, and Stefano Fusaro answer your questions including who the favorites are for MLS Cup, the latest on the D.C. GM search, and the most interesting coaching vacancies

06:10 - Best XI Ballot

15:50 - Our playoff & MLS Cup contenders

26:19 -  How far can Houston's midfield take them?

32:50 - Salt Lake in the playoffs… without Chicho?

37:45 - Latest on the D.C. United GM search

45:05 - Tough situation in Chicago

53:20 - The most intriguing coaching vacancy

1:01:53 - Breaking down the 22 Under 22 List

1:09:00 - USMNT roster reax


Direct download: 231011__extratrime_season13_Episode78_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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Wayne Rooney OUT at D.C., Adrian Heath OUT at Minnesota and Messi's Inter Miami's are OUT of the playoffs! Matt Doyle, Tom Bogert and Calen Carr break down what's next for all 3 clubs, as well as the other teams eliminated from playoff contention.

10:59 - Is Oscar Pareja the top coaching candidate on the market?

22:44 - D.C. wins… Rooney is out. Now what?

39:17 - With two games left Adrian Heath is out, but Minnesota is still alive!?

50:22 - LA Galaxy: a disastrous season

58:52 - The miracle that never happened: Messi Miami’s ELIMINATED

1:05:55 - Austin OUT, but Josh Wolff will be back

1:10:22 - Evaluating Luchi’s first season with the Quakes

1:16:37 - East Playoff Roundup


Direct download: 231009__extratrime_season13_Episode77_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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It's awards szn! Andrew Wiebe, Calen Carr, Matt Doyle, and Stefano Fusaro debate potential award candidates, break down the latest in the playoff race, and do a live MVP candidate unboxing! 

3:15 - East bubble teams show some life!

5:40 - Chicago aren’t dead yet

16:52 - Denis Bouanga drags LAFC to a much-needed win

21:05 - John Herdman not quite ready to coach Toronto

23:15 - Crew hand New England first home loss

30:05 - The Ryan Gauld MVP case

36:00 - What is the best attacking duo in MLS?

44:30 - West Playoff race breakdown

51:00 - East Playoff race breakdown

56:35 - Supporters’ Shield vs MLS Cup

1:05:00 - Our favorite potential playoff matchups

1:17:50 - What’s the future for Wayne Rooney and D.C. United?


Direct download: 2301005_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-76_AUDIO.mp3
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It's a Diego Valeri debut! The MLS legend joins Andrew Wiebe and David Gass to preview his new show, crown Cincinnati Shield winners, and celebrate St. Louis' amazing season. 

0:28 - Diego Valeri joins the show! 

10:40 - How Diego Valeri almost ended up playing for Seattle

13:39 - How MLS has changed since 2013

19:49 - Cincinnati are Supporters’ Shield champs!

37:09 - Celebrating St. Louis’ incredible season 

45:08 - Orlando City set a club points record

47:17 - Diego’s top MLS Cup contenders

58:00 - Teams who disappointed on Matchday 35

1:04:25 - Matchday 36 Preview


Direct download: 2301002_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-75_FULL_SHOW_AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 5:08pm EDT

Houston are champions! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, Matt Doyle, and Stefano Fusaro celebrate the Dynamo's upset win and Ben Olsen's amazing coaching job. The guys then dive into LAFC's Campeones Cup disappointment and the biggest games of Matchday 35.

2:48 - Houston are Open Cup Champions!

14:19 - Ben Olsen deserves a ton of credit

26:09 - Is Miami’s season a success despite a disappointing USOC loss?

39:15: - Our predictions: MLS Cup Contenders

51:00 - Another final, another LigaMX team, another loss for LAFC in Campeones Cup

1:03:01 -  MLS NEXT Pro's unique playoff twist

1:09:15 - Games to watch in Matchday 35!

1:18:30 - MLS Squad Picks, join!

1:21:33 -  Mailbag


Direct download: 230928_extratrime_season13_Episode74_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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Miami control their own destiny! Portland are the hottest team in the league! Andrew Wiebe, Matt Doyle, and Tom Bogert break down the wild swings in the playoff race, and preview Wednesday’s U.S. Open Cup & Campeones Cup. 

1:53 - Why Philly can win MLS Cup

8:00 - Shoutout to D.C. and Austin fans

9:23 - Lucho Acosta gets new contract, balls out

20:23 - St. Louis’ fantastic season continues

30:05 - East playoff race update

39:16 - Miami officially control their own playoff destiny

43:29 - U.S. Open Cup Final Preview

48:50 - West playoff race update

46:03 - Miles Joseph is coaching himself into a full-time job

55:50 - RSL bounceback, Jefferson Savarino drama

1:05:20 - Campeones Cup: LAFC’s chance to exorcise Liga MX demons 

1:09:25 - MLS NEXT PRO Decision Day drama! 

10:10:20  Golden Boot Draft update


Direct download: 230921_extratrime_season13_Episode73_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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Four more playoff places booked! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, and Matt Doyle break down everything from Matchday 33 including Messi's injury, Cucho's MVP case, and Billy Sharp saving the Galaxy's season.

2:24 - STL clinch playoff spot, amazing season continues

6:15 -  Cucho an MVP candidate?

11:05 - Billy Sharp saves the Galaxy’s season

15:34 - STL, LAFC battle to draw

27:03 - Are Houston MLS Cup contenders? 

31:15 - Do the Sounders have anything left in the tank? 

35:04 - Why the Crew can win MLS Cup

40:42 -  Philly are still in good shape for the playoffs

46:54 - Will Messi, Jordi Alba miss extended time? 

52:30 - East playoff race update 

57:36 - West playoff race update


Direct download: 230921_extratrime_season13_Episode72_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 5:07pm EDT

It's crunch time for the playoff race! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, Matt Doyle, and Stefano Fusaro break down all the biggest moments of Matchday 32 and look ahead to the most pivotal matches Wednesday night. Who will win the West? Who will make the playoffs in the East? All that and more!

5:12 - Houston Dynamo’s GO-LA-ZO

9:16 - Cardiac Cats! Orlando's crazy comeback

16:25 - Matt Miazga causes chaos as Cincinnati draws Philly

18:30 - Denis Bouanga pushes LAFC into the West's top teams

20:50 - In or out: Messi’s Argentinian fashion or Messi’s Argentinian pizza?

25:47 - With a win vs a Messi-less Miami, is Atlanta back?

34:13 - We see it coming, Messi’s needed a rest

39:39 - East Playoff Race Update

53:30 - The path forward for the Rapids

1:00:38- El Trafico delivers... again!

1:05:00 - West Playoff Race Update

1:17:45 - Biggest Matches to watch on Wednesday Night


Direct download: 230918_extratrime_season13_Episode71_FULLSHOWAUDIO_1.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 5:49pm EDT

It's almost awards szn! Andrew Wiebe sits down with David Gass, Matt Doyle, and Stefano Fusaro to pick out their frontrunners for MVP, Goalkeeper of the Year, and more! The guys also preview a huge weekend of games and discuss what comes next for the Revs after a week of chaos.

0:00 - Intro

4:22 - Orlando visits the Crew for a 6-pointer

8:52 - Philly’s last attempt for a Supporters’ Shield at Cincinnati?!

14:57 - Tata and Josef back to Atlanta… with Messi!

22:09 - The pride, the drama, the honor… yes it’s El Trafico

28:24 - Playoff positioning at stake in the Hudson River Derby

36:06 - The long-term future of the Revs

47:44 - Golden Boot draft update

57:01 - The Goalkeeper of the year RIGHT NOW is...

1:01:00 - Picking the frontrunners for MVP, coach of the year, and more!

Direct download: 230913_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-70_FULL_SHOW_AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 8:50am EDT

A truncated MLS slate doesn't mean a truncated ETR! Wiebe is back as the guys dig into Inter Miami's big win and improved playoff chances, LAFC's struggles, St. Louis CITY's ability to find a diamond in the rough and much more!

5:45 - Sam Adeniran and STL still atop the West

14:15 - Evander's breakout, Portland downs LAFC

16:15 - LAFC will make the playoffs… right?

21:40 - Sartini’s master plan to have Vancouver playing at their best

22:50 - Sergio Busquets outsmarts everyone

29:08 - Goalkeeper assist!!!!

30:35 - Miami wins without Messi... The playoff dream is very much alive

41:50 - Under the radar player of the weekend: TKP!

50:35 - Bruce Arena resigns, where do the Revs go from here?

1:00:22 - Danny Musovski in limbo

1:06:23 - Efrain Alvarez to Tijuana

01:10:56 - USMNT v Uzbekistan breakdown

01:13:30 - Mailbag

Direct download: 230911_extratrime_season13_Episode69_FULLSHOWAUDIO_1.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 2:55pm EDT

Our favorite topic: young players! David Gass, Matt Doyle, and Stefano Fusaro make their cases for who should be at the top of this season's 2022 under 2022 list and review all the biggest stories of Matchday 30.

6:55 - Breaking down Miami's impressive win over LAFC

18:05 - DC’sTed Ku-Dipietro is balling!

27:17 - Vancouver Whitecaps win Cascadia Cup

32:20 - Alan Pulido is right in the Golden Boot race

38:05 - St. Louis have a chance to prove themselves against SKC

41:31 - Orlando, Facundo Torres upset Cincinnati 

48:11 - Colorado's problems were bigger than Robin Fraser 

58:50 - Our picks for the No. 1 spot on this year's 22 under 22 list

1:21:30 - What a successful window looks like for the USMNT

1:23:13 - Matchday 31 Preview


Direct download: 230906_extratrime_season13_Episode68_FULLSHOWAUDIO_1_1.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 10:58am EDT

Cincinnati can’t be stopped! Matt Doyle and Stefano Fusaro join David Gass to break down Cincy’s historic turnaround and make Lucho Acosta’s case for MVP. The guys sort through the rest of Matchday 29 before turning their attention to international call ups, and this weekend’s matches, headlined by LAFC hosting Messi’s Miami! 

5:27 - Why Lucho Acosta is the MLS MVP right now

7:12 - Cincinnati’s turnaround is absolutely incredible

23:33 - Galaxy save their season with Cali Clasico comeback

29:20 - Houston on fire, Hector Herrera makes Mexico return

34:45 - Argentina calls up 3 MLS Players 

39:12 - USMNT roster breakdown

42:25 - MLS Squad Pick - Our 5 LOCKS to score this weekend

46:57 - LAFC showdown with Messi and Miami

51:08 - Mamadou Fall to Barcelona?

54:20 - SKC looking for revenge against St. Louis 

57:45 - Should Seattle bench Ruidiaz for Jordan Morris?

Direct download: 230831_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-67_AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 5:20pm EDT

MLS is officially back with a full slate of action, and the guys gather to break it all down, from a new head coach in Toronto to Houston's red-hot form and Messi's first MLS goal! 

2:22 - Best Non-Messi things we saw on Matchday 28

2:54 - Columbus Crew & Jacen Russell-Rowe

6:50 - Sam Adekugbe and Richie Laryea help Vancouver get a big Cascadia W

11:05 - Corey Baird’s crab celebration + Dynamo's great form 

20:07 - How much money would it take for Atlanta to sell Thiago Almada?

30:20- Messi as a sub, same result!

35:55 - Is Miami the best team in MLS right now?

44:44 - Should we be worried about Nashville?

50:15 - 10 point gap for Cincinnati… Is the Shield race over? 

57:54 - Charlotte shocks LAFC

1:11:10 - Can John Herdman fix Toronto?

Direct download: 230828_extratrime_season13_Episode66_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 4:25pm EDT

It’s the end of an era in Portland as the Timbers and Gio Savarese part ways. David Gass, Matt Doyle, Calen Carr, and Tom Bogert discuss what Gio has meant to Portland, where could we see him next in MLS, and where do the Timbers go from here. The crew also weighs in on the reports connecting Canadian Men’s National Head Coach John Herdman to the TFC vacancy. Finally we have arrived on the eve of Leo Messi’s MLS debut the guys get you ready for that an all of Match day 28.

5:58 - Gio Savarese and Portland part ways

30:28 - Portland Coach search 

58:30 - Petrovic to Chelsea!

1:09:00 Messi’s 1st MLS game!

1:15:00 - Matchday 28 Games to Watch!


Direct download: 230823_extratrime_season13_Episode65_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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Messi and Miami are Leagues Cup Champions! But can they stay hot in Wednesday's Open Cup semis and then make a legitimate playoff push? David Gass is joined by Matt Doyle and Tom Bogert to answer those questions, break down Matchday 27, and predict which teams will claim the Wild Card spots in each conference.

3:56 - Messi, Miami win Leagues Cup!

32:39 - Best Things We Saw on Matchday 27

36:15 - Columbus’ statement win over rival Cincinnati

44:44- The Dynamo dynamite the Timbers!

50:45 - Predicting the East Wild Card teams

1:00:32 - Predicting the West Wild Card teams?

1:17:00 - US Open Cup Semifinals: Cincinnati v Miami, Houston v Salt Lake!


Direct download: 230821_extratrime_season13_Episode64_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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The A-team is back ... and Messi is still doing Messi stuff! The Leagues Cup final is set: Nashville SC vs. Inter Miami. The guys suss out how Miami spoiled yet another Philly tournament run and celebrate Nashville's historic win against Monterrey, then turn their attention to the final matchup. Plus, MLS is back (and so is the Golden Boot Draft)! We've got you MatchDay 27 preview!

1:40 Gass met a fan!

5:36 Is this the best MLS has ever been?

12:50 Best Things we Saw in the Leagues Cup Semifinals

15:20 Why Sam Surridge is a perfect fit for Nashville 

27:06 What happened to Philly? 

37:35 Nashville/Gary Smith masterclass 

44:11 Leagues Cup Final Preview

59:50 Golden Boot Teams: Midseason Addition Draft

1:06:04 Teams we’re most interested in for the stretch run of the MLS regular season

1:06:06 Columbus Crew

1:10:13 Real Salt Lake

1:11:32 NYCFC 

1:12:55 Minnesota United

1:14:50 Matchday 27 matches to watch

Direct download: 230816_extratrime_season13_Episode63_FULLSHOWAUDIO_1.mp3
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Forty seven teams started the Leagues Cup journey, but only four remain. Can Messi and Inter Miami finish off their fairytale or will the Union finally get over their Cup disappointments? Why did LAFC blow it against Rayados? And are Nashville better suited to take down the Liga MX Gigantes? Plus, Tom Bogert has your transfer updates.

2:41 Is Neymar coming to MLS?!?

4:00 Why Union vs. Inter Miami is a dream semifinal

5:38 Who will get the Concacaf Champions Cup spots?

11:21 Wiebe's reluctant "I was right about Charlotte" victory parade

14:15 Drexel Dragons 1, Liga MX 0

16:30 No surprise Hany Mukhtar goes off with a DP No. 9

19:40 Big-picture Liga MX vs. MLS takes

34:20 Ranking Inter Miami's opponents so far in Leagues Cup

37:05 Why the Union will be Messi's most difficult test yet (and should be favorites)

55:16 How on earth did LAFC blow that lead to Monterrey?

59:53 Why Nashville has a chance to shock Mexico and make it an all-MLS final

1:07:30 Transfer Rumors! Almada! Cowell! Ferreira!


Direct download: 230814_extratrime_season13_Episode62_FULLSHOWAUDIO_1.mp3
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Leagues Cup may be many things, but it is never boring. The guys dig into Lionel Messi’s latest masterclass and the quarterfinal matchup with Charlotte, declair LAFC officially back, marvel at the drama in the Clasico Regio and Nashville-Club America matches and draft the craziest moments from the tournament so far!

4:36 - Best things Gass, Wiebe, Doyle and Tommy Scoops saw Round of 16

5:12 - Jim Curtin slams the Red Bulls in press conference

11:30 - Minnesota jump the gun on Club América tickets

15:00 - Nashville’s Panicco comes in to save the PK shootout!

16:15 - Nahuel Guzmán: The GK drama, fun and craziness

24:50 - Dayne St. Claire’s is going full Nahu!

28:05 - Snake draft! Choosing the craziest Leagues Cup’s moments so far

42:14 - Every Inter Miami/Messi game in Leagues Cup is epic!

54:42 - Patrick Agyemang and Charlotte into semis, but do they have a chance vs. Messi?!?

1:02:00 - The Leagues Cup Dark Horse: Querétaro!

1:10:33 - Leagues Cup matchup: Hany v Reynoso!

1:17:23 - LAFC v Monterrey: Denis Bouanga is back!

1:22:26 - Ideal Leagues Cup Final!


Direct download: 230809_extratrime_season13_Episode61_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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3:45 - Best things we saw from the last 3 Leagues Cup matchdays

5:39 - Nahuel Guzmán penalty shootout absurdity

10:40 - Clásico Regio Leagues Cup edition

13:56 - Bongi Hlongwane: Your Leagues Cup Gold Boot leader 

14:50 - Los Diablos de Toluca THE fun team to watch

19:00 -  Club América v Hany Mukhtar's Nashville!

28:40 -  Orlando trash talk Messi, lose anyway

41:55 - Are Philly still East Region favorites? 

48:18 - Can Dallas stop the Messi show?

52:02 - LAFC are back and rested

56:44 - Transfer Window Deep Dive


Direct download: 230805_extratrime_season13_Episode60_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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Doyle is back! The guys gather to wrap up the Leagues Cup group stage, including a very strange day for the Crew. We run through the best things we saw, dig into the Lucas Zelarayan farewell and Diego Fagundez trade and rank the Knockout Round regions. Can Messi and Miami really win?

4:05 -   Leagues Cup Group Stage Recap

4:30 - Columbus smashing Club América in Zelarayan’s farwell 

21:14 - Seattle ALMOST take it to Fair Play points

27:25 - Brian White steps up for Vancouver

29:00 - Duncan McGuire leads Orlando past Santos

33:35 - What happened to Chivas!?

38:25 - Djordje Petrovic has eyes on Premier League

45:55 - Cruz Azul celebration

49:15 - LA Galaxy acquires Diego Fagundez from Austin

55:00 -  Our Leagues Cup Group Stage Best XI

59:40 - Predicting who will win Leagues Cup

1:02:22 - The Knockouts - West Region

1:04:53 - The Knockouts - Central Region

1:09:10 - The Knockouts - East Region

1:12:51 - The Knockouts - South Region

1:16:22 - Inter Miami v Orlando… a rivalry on the rise


Direct download: v230801_extratrime_season13_Episode59_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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Leagues Cup rolls on and Liga MX strikes back! Andrew Wiebe is joined by David Gass, Calen Carr, and Stefano Fusaro to talk about the big clubs in Liga MX flexing their muscles, the crazy scenarios for the final matches of the group stage, and yet another otherworldly Messi performance.

3:40 -  Past legends we'd love to see in Leagues Cup

10:30 - MLS v Liga MX: the chaos so far

16:14-  Club América gives RSL a reality check

22:35 - Best thing we saw in 2nd round of Leagues Cup Group Matches

22:49 - Dayne St. Clair vs Shaqiri

26:19 - Fireworks in Nashville - Toluca

30:25 - Brandon Vazquez demolishes Chivas

32:50 - Lionel Messi does it again

40:35 - Most interesting result of the past 3 matchdays

41:03 - Tigres survives the Timbers!

48:22 - Monterrey rotates and smashes RSL

51:52 - New England smokes Atlético San Luis

57:45 - Players we're enjoying watching most in the tournament

57:56 - Julian Quiñones en Club América!

1:06:22 - Strikers Germán Berterame and Mounsef Bakrar show out

1:08:34 - Emanuel Reynoso is on fire

1:10:10 -  Matches to watch this weekend


Direct download: 230717_extratrime_season13_Episode58_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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The guys welcome a new partner in soccer (gotta listen to find out who!) and dig into the opening Leagues Cup match days, starting with Lionel Messi’s insane debut and game winner against Cruz Azul. Plus, Real Salt Lake are rolling, Reynoso might actually be the best Argentine 10 in the league, the Crew got Gressel and John Tolkin is twerking. Tom Bogert also takes you through the latest MLS transfer chatter!

3:59 - The GOAT Delivers for Miami

16:23 - Cruz Azul - Miami match breakdown

29:49 - Atlanta v Miami, Tata, Josef and MESSI!

33:03 - Chichooooooo did it again! 

37:15 - Columbus Crew fans are legit!

39:49 - 38 penalty kicks at Vancouver v Leon 

42:25 - A wild Cincinnati come back!

42:52 - Alan Pulido, what are you doing?!

44:40 - Hany “The game changer” Mukhtar

46:50 - Mazatlán upsets Austin FC!

50:00 - Reynoso is a BALLER

52:40 - MLS-LIGA MX head-to-head 

55:00 - Minnesota are contenders?

58:20 - Look ahead to the next group stage matches

1:06:03 - These teams HAVE to win

1:06:58 - Tom’s transfer news and updates


Direct download: 230717_extratrime_season13_Episode57_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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It's really real! The greatest player of all time has signed for Inter Miami! David Gass and Calen Carr break down the surreal Messi signing and what it means for the league.Then, the boys are joined by Concacaf extraordinaire Jon Arnold to get you set for Leagues Cup with a full preview! 

1:47 Messi arrives at Inter Miami… OFFICIALLY!

8:49 Pause everything - Leagues Cup is here!!!

13:42 The tough groups within Leagues Cup

22:30 West 1- Tigres, Portland, San Jose

27:05 West 2- Monterrey, Real Salt Lake, Seattle

32:00 West 3 - LA Galaxy, Club Léon, Vancouver

36:15 Central 1- América, Columbus, St. Louis CITY

41:05 Central 2- Puebla, Minnesota United, Chicago Fire

45:08 Central 3- Chivas, Cincinnati, Kansas City

50:17 Central 4- Nashville, Toluca, Colorado

54:18 South 1- Austin, Mazatlán, Juárez

58:55 South 2- Santos, Orlando City, Houston Dynamo

1:04:05 South 3- Cruz Azul, Inter Miami, Atlanta United

1:10:05 South 4- Dallas, Necaxa, Charlotte

1:14:09 East 1- Philadelphia, Tijuana, Querétaro

1:18:25 East 2- Montréal, Pumas, DC United

1:23:17 East 3- NYCFC, Atlas, Toronto FC

1:27:05 East 4- NY Red Bulls. Atlético San Luis, New England


Direct download: 230717_extratrime_season13_Episode56_FULLSHOWAUDIO_1.mp3
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The guys gather to dig into Wednesday night’s MLS slate and chat through some transfer rumors, including Tom’s big MLS 360 debut! Have Cincy locked up the Shield? Did we get a glimpse at 2019 Carlos Vela? What’s up with the scene on the ‘Caps sideline? Why does Jim Curtin love four-letter words? Why can’t SKC finish a game? Plus, a transfer roundup and much more!

4:43 - Best things we saw on Matchday 25

23:20 - LAFC open the floodgates to beat St. Louis 3-0!

27:10 - LAFC, contenders for the Supporters' Shield and Leagues Cup?

30:00 - LAFC Transfer Rumors

34:20 - How much does Teemu Pukki raise Minnesota's ceiling?

42:36 - Who will get the last two spots Western Conference Playoff spots? 

51:48 - Chicago on a heater

1:02:20 - Tom Bogert Transfer Extravaganza

1:18:35 - USMNT out, Panama IN!


Direct download: 230713_extratrime_season13_Episode55_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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We are HERE for the US - Canada rivalry! David Gass and Tom Bogert break down the USMNT's quarterfinal win over the Canadians: What Canada showed desipte the loss, and the outlook for the USMNT for the rest of the tournament. The guys then dive in on everything MLS including Austin's resurgence and whether RSL are trophy contenders after a massive summer transfer window. 


5:55  - USMNT v Canada Gold Cup: a rivalry ignited!

22:59 -  Best Things we saw on Matchday 24

25:00 - Would you keep Alan Pulido in SKC?

26:05 - The Rapids are back!

31:46 - What's behind Austin’s mid-season resurgence?

38:45 - Chicho Arango, debuts, starts, scores!

43:10 - Are RSL now trophy contenders?

46:29 - Orlando is a roller coaster!

51:00 - Franco Ibarra HAS to leave Atlanta?

57:34 - New England sign Argentine forward Tomás Chancalay

1:00:08 - Where are the transfers in Nashville?

1:04:47 - The BIG game of the week - LAFC v STL Matchup!

1:09:49 - Who gets the final playoff spot in the East?

Direct download: 230710_extratrime_season13_Episode54_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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The transfer window is open! With the summer signings pouring in, David Gass sits down with Kaylyn Kyle and Tom Bogert to discuss who they're most excited to see debut this weekend as well as signings still to come. The trio also recap Riqui Puig's unreal El Trafico performance and preview Sunday's USA - Canada Gold Cup showdown. 

7:22 - MLS attendance record at Rose Bowl! 

11:50 - Riqui Puig and Chiellini hug it out

15:00 - Can the Galaxy make the playoffs?

20:11 - What's happened to LAFC?

28:40 - Mahala Opoku to Monréal!

38:09 - Transfer Window is open

38:38 - Per Tom’s Report - Jim Curtin stays in Philly

46:50 - Chicho Arango to debut with RSL

48:19 - Teemu Pukki ready to go in Minnesota

1:06:00 - Where is Rodolfo Pizarro going?

1:10:05 -  Jordi Alba to Inter Miami?

1:18:03 - Insigne to Saudi Arabia?

1:23:18 - Gold Cup Quarterfinal - USA v Canada

Direct download: 230706_extratrime_season13_Episode53_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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MLS Commissioner Don Garber is officially #OneOfUs! The guys run through all the MLS All-Star squad selections, give our ideal starting XI, fix the snubs that had us scratching our heads and ponder East vs. West in the future. Plus, a full transfer breakdown/update (Pukki, Vazquez etc) and games to watch in MatchDay 22!

1:48 - All-Star roster breakdown

3:20 - All-Star starting XI to face Arsenal

8:50 - Biggest ASG snubs

26:04 - Is Teemu Pukki the right signing for Minnesota? 

38:47 - Where does Alberth Elis fit best in MLS?

41:55 - Four teams whose season are changed most by a key signing!

49:29 - Should Cincinnati sell Brandon Vazquez?

58:49 - Manchester City’s Rodolfo Borrell to join Austin FC as Sporting Director?

1:04:45 - Which teams should prioritize Leagues Cup?

1:12:04 - Matchday 22 - Games to Watch

Direct download: 230628_extratrime_season13_Episode52_FULLSHOWAUDIO_UPDATE.mp3
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BREAKING NEWS! Bob Bradley is no longer the manager and sporting director in Toronto, so what's next for the club and one of the United States' best-ever coaches? Plus, the best things we saw in MatchDay 21, including a Wiebe list, and Tom Bogert's transfer predictions...

00:54 - Bob Bradley out in Toronto

19:54 - Where do Toronto go for their next coach? 

26:22 - Should TFC tear it down and rebuild?

36:00 - What’s the ceiling for Vancouver? 

43:39 - Reynoso starts, Minnesota blow it late

45:20 - Big road win for St. Louis!

48:44 - Young Players building off U20 World Cup success

51:10 - Current state of U.S. Youth Development

1:01:43 - Transfer news & notes with Tom Bogert

1:17:15 - Mailbag


Direct download: 230628_extratrime_season13_Episode51_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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Another double matchweek means more squad rotation! Sacha Kljestan joins Andrew Wiebe, Calen Carr, and Tom Bogert to take you through everything from Matchday 20! 

3:18 - Best things we saw Matchday 20

12:39 - Cincinnati looking absolutely unstoppable

18:00 - Real Salt Lake climbing the table in the West

25:27 - Is it time to recalibrate expectations for St. Louis?

33:02 - 3 wins in a week for Houston! 

46:30 - Are LAFC back? 

54:00 - Chucky Lozano to MLS???

56:42 - Where would Reggie Cannon fit in MLS?

59:10 - Swapping places - teams that will be in or out of the playoffs

1:05:52 - Mailbag



Direct download: 230622_extratrime_season13_Episode50_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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The guys are back after a Monday holiday to break down the best in Matchday 19 (Hany hatty, Ruiz bomb and premature celebrations), look ahead to Matchday 20 (uh oh, here come Gold Cup absences) and talk through some big Messi-to-Miami news. Plus, Tommy Scoops' transfer notebook, MLS midseason award check-in and USMNT/GGG thoughts!

5:22 - Hany Mukhtar hat-trick vs RSL

8:02 - Bocce Soccer in San Jose’s Halftime show 

10:17 - Pablo Ruiz goal: 68.24 yards (and some questions for Wayne Rooney)

22:20 - Teams hit the hardest by the Gold Cup

31:49 - Messi & Friends: Can Miami go full “Tiki Taka” Barcelona?

39:40 - Tom Bogert’s Transfer Notebook/News

49:05 - Midseason Awards! From MVP to D-Mid of the Year

1:09:27 - Supporters’ Shield Predictions

1:12:13 -Nations League Champions: Vamos USMNT!

1:17:20 - Gio Reyna balls out in blonde

1:19:30 - Gregg Berhalter is back! Is that a good thing for USMNT?

Direct download: 230620_extratrime_season13_Episode49_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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Zero Messi talk. Promise. The guys sit down to imagine Lucho Acosta on the USMNT, run through the hot transfer topics in MLS outside Inter Miami, as well as provide a transfer primer for new listeners trying to get their bearings. Plus, deep dives on Minnesota United, Sporting KC and Nashville SC.

0:45 - Exchange MLS - Liga MX players and coaches 

5:11 - Lucho Acosta possible pathway to USMNT

14:07 - Cincinnati DP transfer - Aaron Boupendza from Al-Shabab, Saudi Professional League

25:37 - Roster Rules 101

30:48 - Is Columbus Crew a  contender for the title?

33:00 - If Thiago Almada leaves, who should Atlanta United target for the DP spot?

39:17 - Summer Transfers 

47:27 - Minnesota’s progression during the season 

58:55 - Who is Nashville looking for their big summer DP signing?

1:09:10 - Sporting Kansas City climbing standings

Direct download: 230614_extratrime_season13_Episode48_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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Yes, we talked Messi & Friends and Inter Miami's roster situation BUT not after giving the brilliance of MatchDay 18 its due! Extratime is still (and always will be) all things MLS. Tom Bogert is in the building to educate you on all the transfer dealings around the league.

5:54 - Best Things We Saw Matchday 18

15:24 - How much can Chicho Arango raise RSL’s ceiling?

27:09 - Latest update on Messi to Miami from Tom Bogert

30:43 - Can Miami make the playoffs as constructed?

40:30 - Breaking down how Miami can rebuild its roster on the fly

57:44 - Vancouver Whitecaps FC Deep Dive

1:08:07  - Cincinnati reportedly signing Aaron Boupendza as a DP

1:14:33 - Chicharito done for year with torn ACL


Direct download: 230612_extratrime_season13_Episode47_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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The show title says it all! ALL CAPS NEEDED. The Messi-to-Miami/MLS deal isn't done (yet) and there are details to be worked out, but that won't stop Andrew, David and Calen from reflecting on a surreal day in soccer!

Direct download: 230607_extratrime_season13_Episode45_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 7:54am EDT

CCL heartbreak again! David Gass sits down with Matt Doyle and Kaylyn Kyle to breakdown what went wrong for LAFC over the two legs and how the loss impacts this group's legacy. The trio then shifts back to the league to review everything that went down on Matchday 17 including Emanuel Reynoso's long-awaited return and whether it's panic time for NYCFC. We finish off with a Canadian Championship preview and a USMNT U20 breakdown to complete another great show! 

4:01 - CCL Heartbreak! What went wrong for LAFC

14:12 - How does this loss affect LAFC’s legacy?

25:48 - LAFC rest of season outlook

29:00 - Our must-have players for the All-Star team

39:09 - Best Things We Saw on Matchday 17

47:46 - One-Touch Takes on every MD17 Match

1:04:22 - So much soccer midweek!

1:05:29 - Canadian Championship Preview

1:14:46 - USMNT u20s knocked out of U20 World Cup


Direct download: 230603_extratrime_season13_Episode45_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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It's another double matchweek so that means more squad rotation! Tom Bogert is joined by Sacha Kljestan and Calen Carr to take you through a crazy week of MLS news and action. First, the trio dig into everything from Wednesday night including the crazy 3-3 draw in Atlanta and an unexpected Galaxy comeback.

Then, the guys break down the first leg of the CCL Final and discuss LAFC's chances in the second leg.

Add in some USMNT roster discussion, our must-have players for the All-Star Game, and 7-a-side mailbag question, and you've got a packed show we hope you'll enjoy!


3:06 - Best things we saw on Matchday 16

13:22 - Where we rank Lucho Acosta in the MVP race

17:47 -  Are Philly Supporters’ Shield contenders? 

20:47 - Summer transfer notes and rumors

29:07 - Chris Klein out, LA Galaxy respond

38:27 -  One-Touch Takes on every MD16 match

53:55 - LAFC survive the first leg of the CCL Final

1:03:00 - Our must-have players for the All-Star Game

1:13:59 - USMNT Nations League roster breakdown

1:19:57 Mailbag


Direct download: 230601_extratrime_season13_Episode44_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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After a break for Memorial Day, the crew is back to dig into Matchday 15, including a much-needed win in Toronto following a bombshell reporting in The Athletic and another loss in LA that had Galaxy fans venting their frustrations. Andrew, David and Calen also hit Nashville SC and their as-yet-determined ceiling and rapid fire through every single other result. Plus, Charlie Boehm on the CCL final, Club Leon and what's at stake for LAFC!

4:34 - USMNT Shakeup

10:19 - Best Things we saw from Matchday 15

21:51 - Are things fixed in Toronto?

39:05 - Any relief in sight for the Galaxy?

48:07 - Hany Mukhtar is ridiculous, Nashville are rolling

54:45 - One-Touch Takes

59:01 - CCL Preview w/ Charles Boehm

1:27:18 - Mailbag

Direct download: 230524_extratrime_season13_Episode43_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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El Trafico always delivers, this time with all-time petty moments between Riqui Puig and the 3252 and Giorgio Chiellini and Puig. The guys delight in the turn of events and break down everything USOC then turn their attention to Matchday 15 and ... Peoria, Illinois.

5:00 - We love everything about Riqui Puig v Giorgio Chiellini 

23:00 - Have Houston hit a ceiling?

29:27 - Did Nashville miss an opportunity?

35:25 - Are Cincy now the Open Cup favorite? 

39:26 - How the Red Bulls have changed under Troy Lesesne

43:13 - Are the Sounders in trouble? 

48:11 - Chaos continues in Toronto

1:05:18 - Giakoumakis on fire, Atlanta takes on Orlando

1; 15:26 - Our Matchday 15 matches to watch

1:22:56 - Mailbag

Direct download: 230524_extratrime_season13_Episode41_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 8:51am EDT

At ETR, we take pride in inventing rivalries ... and ranking said rivalries. Move over El Trafico! O-H-I-O has something to say about the state of Hell! It's real. It has fire. Oh, and CITY vs. Sporting needs an official name. All that and much more, including another low point in Toronto, from Matchday 14!

1:40 - Best Things We Saw on Matchday 14

11:01 - STL v SKC rivalry delivers BIG time

15:27 - What is the best rivalry in the league right now?

20:33 - STL v SKC game breakdown

34:46 - CIN v CLB was the best match of the weekend

45:10 - Philly are rolling

53:24 - Orlando win Clasico del Sol

57:32 - One-touch takes

1:17:11 - What’s gone wrong in Toronto

1:32:40 - Who we want to win the USOC


Direct download: 230522_extratrime_season13_Episode40_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 4:26pm EDT

We've got squad rotation for the double game week! To keep the team fresh for all the matches in the coming weeks, David Gass is joined by Sacha Kljestan for an awesome 2-man show!

The guys discuss MLS' newest club launching in San Diego, the u20 World Cup kicking off this weekend, and, of course, all the action from Wednesday night and the coming action on Matchday 14!

4:38 - Pride Tops are here! 

5:46 - Best things we saw MD13

17:22 - Luiz Araújo reportedly sold

22:41 - Signs of life for Austin?

26:30 - D.C. impresses on the road against Philly 

32:14 - Pressure continues to mount on Toronto

34:49 - Sporting KC gets impressive road result v LAFC

36:40 - We can’t wait for STL v SKC

45:53 - Best “Hell is Real” ever? 

53:20 - Clásico Del Sol Preview

57:34 - El Capitan Preview

1:01:52 - Rocky Mountain Cup Preview

1:03:23 - MLS is coming to San Diego!!!!

1:18:50 - USMNT U20 World Cup Preview


Direct download: 230518_extratrime_season13_Episode39_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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The Kaylyn/Calen coalition joins forces for a special ETR digging through all the stories from the weekend's MLS action!

2:25 - Best things we saw Matchday 12 

17:09 - Chicago Fire new coach bump! 

26:37 - STL falling back to earth

31:11 - RBNY new coach bump! 

36:34 - Montréal takes down Toronto twice in 4 days

46:04 - Galaxy get a huge win in the Cali Clásico

51:10 - Inter Miami pulls the upset!

59:10 - One-Touch Takes

1:19:20 - Wednesday night games to watch


Direct download: 230515_extratrime_season13_Episode38_FULLSHOWAUDIO.mp3
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Get ready for the MLS weekend with the crew! Andrew, David and Calen dig into the insanity of the US Open Cup and Canadian Championship. After some laughs and wide eyes, it's on to Matchday 12, starting with a requested deep dive on Orlando City and their stop-start season.

6:33 - Our favorite USOC moments (from Tuesday night)

22:14 - Orlando City Deep Dive

43:01 - Rivalry Week Preview! Montréal v Toronto

53:10 - NYCFC v RBNY

1:01:30 - LA Galaxy v San Jose

1:06:57 - Charlotte v Atlanta Preview

1:08:50 - Sporting KC v Minnesota

1:15:13 - Michael Vang Interview

1:32:45 - U20 World Cup Roster Review

Direct download: 230511_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-37_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 11:08pm EDT

Slow Monday ... NOT! Two managers lost their jobs in the morning hours, and Extratime is here to break it all down, plus dig into Matchday 11, including the Quakes big win and revenge games for Josef Martinez and Kevin Cabral.

6:23 - Best things we saw on Matchday 11

16:19 - Gerhard Struber OUT at RBNY

26:06 - The path forward for RBNY 

35:39 - Ezra Hendrickson OUT in Chicago

50:22 - Quakes get a statement win over LAFC

55:20 - Emanuel Reynoso back in Minnesota

1:02:32 - Whitecaps on an 8-match unbeaten run

1:05:40 - DOUBLE REVENGE GAMES (Cabral, Josef)

1:16:55 - Galaxy lose again, Chicharito is calling people out

1:19:02 - One-touch takes

Direct download: 230508_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-36_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
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Andrew Wiebe is still on the mend, so David Gass steps up again alongside Matt Doyle and Calen Carr. The guys break down LAFC's huge CCL Semifinal win over Philadelphia including the Black and Gold's chances in the final and what's next for Philly. 

The crew then dives into Matchday 11, including the Bob Bradley v Bruce Arena showdown, whether Nashville is poised to sign a star striker, and if D.C. can keep their great form going against Cincinnati. 

4:58 - LAFC beat Philly, advance to CCL Final

17:48 - Is this the end for Philly’s core?

32:26 - RBNY v PHI Preview

33:41 - SJ v LAFC Preview

37:01 - Nashville buyout Aké Loba… star striker on the way?

44:01 - Kei Kamara chasing history

49:10 - Where in the World is Calen Carr (CIN v D.C. Preview)

55:42 - Bob Bradley v Bruce Arena showdown

1:01:18 - Messi rumors are heating up again! 

1:09:25 - Seattle hosts Sporting KC for your soccer Sunday

1:20:05 - Mailbag


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Legacy game! Andrew Wiebe is out due to health & safety protocols so David Gass sits down with Matt Doyle and Kaylyn Kyle to preview Tuesday's massive CCL showdown between LAFC and Philadelphia.

Can LAFC become the greatest MLS team of all time? Can Philly reach a new level by making another final?

The crew then pivots to a full breakdown of Matchday 10 including the Dylan Borrero injury, NYCFC's struggling offense, and a deep dive on streaking D.C.

0:00 - Intro

5:31 - CCL Semifinal Preview - Legacies on the line for LAFC, Philly

18:25 - LAFC v PHI Keys to the match

26:09 - How much does the Borrero injury limit the Revs’ ceiling?

37:00 - Can Brenner get back into Cincy’s lineup?

41:32 - Nashville downs Atlanta

47:20 - D.C. United deep dive

54:21 - Timbers starting to look good

59:22 - Toronto finally win, NYCFC offense struggles

1:03:39 - Miami snap slide, Cucho returns for Columbus

1:07:25 - Montréal beats SKC in a battle of struggling teams

1:09:39 - One-Touch Takes

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What's more Extratime than a Danny Leyva intraleague loan? Nothing. The guys chat through Matchday 10, dig into the transfer window moves and draft imaginary expansion teams in the Mailbag!

5:25 - Taty reps MLS against Real Madrid


14:40 - Tata Martino'd "biggest weakness" is MLS!

18:12 - Deadline Day Recap

  • Danny Leyva and Rida Zouhir loans

  • Mauricio Cuevas back to LA Galaxy

  • Ibrahim Aliyu to Houston

  • TOR, NSH, MIA trade trio

  • Meram, Shinyashiki swap places

  • Columbus patches their LB spot

54:23 - Where in the World is Calen Carr? (NE v CIN Preview)

1:01:13 - Extratime’s MD10 matches to watch

1:08:42 - Mailbag - Drafting FO, manager and player

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The crew hits every match from MLS Matchday 9, including a new false nine for NYCFC, a first win for the Galaxy, more pressure on Peter Vermes and Sporting KC and big stakes in the Concacaf Champions League for the Union and LAFC!

 1:14 - Congrats to Tom Bogert!
 1:51 - Knicks talk you can skip
 6:44 - Teams on Cupset Alert as U.S. Open Cup returns
 15:38 - Best things we saw Matchday 9
 29:55 - NYCFC are rounding into form
 39:37 - Deep dive on SKC’s struggles
 52:06 - Vrioni scoring, NE rolling
 53:42 - Galaxy, Austin seem to be headed in opposite directions
 59:46 - CCL Semifinals Preview
 1:05:26 - One-Touch Takes

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Guess who's back?!? Tommy Scoops AKA Tom Bogert AKA Swishy Tracksuit Guy jumps in the hot seat to tell you everything you need to know about the close of the primary transfer window. From Brenner to Messi and everything in between. Plus, we take a look at MLS Matchday 9.

0:30 - Tom brings his tracksuit to the studio

4:29 - One Planet jerseys are here!

7:29 - Golden Boot Draft Update

21:55 - Brenner’s impending transfer and Cincy’s future

35:56 - Is DeJuan Jones on the way out of NE?

38:54 - Teams who could make moves before the end of the transfer window

52:13 - Best moves of the transfer window 

1:01:46 - Potential MLS summer signings

1:09:21 - Matchday 9 watchability rankings

1:15:37 - Kevin Paredes Interview

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Tornado warnings, stoppage time calculations, big-time upsets and high chairs for a certain Armchair Analyst! The ETR crew gathers to talk about everything big and small from MLS Matchday 8...

0:30 - Doyle is now a meme

6:23 - Best things we saw Matchday 8

20:25 - Carlos Vela’s El Trafico brilliance

26:42 - Positives for the Galaxy, but no result to show for it

35:14 - How Portland turned the momentum on the Sounders

41:51 - Who are the Top 5 Timbers of all time?

49:06 - STL blows out Cincinnati

1:03:11 - Biggest turnarounds in MLS history

1:08:49 - Quick hit results

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Breaking news! Kamal Miller is swapping Montreal for Miami (along with $1.3M in GAM) for Bryce Duke and Ari Lassiter. The Thursday crew breaks down the news, then looks ahead to Matchday 8: El Trafico, Cascadia and much, much more.

7:42 - Montréal - Miami blockbuster trade breakdown

32:20 - El Trafico is here! LAFC look dominant

43:28 - State of the Galaxy heading into El Trafico

59:44 - Where in the World is Calen Carr (MIN v ORL Preview)

1:02:00 - Extratime’s Matchday 8 games to watch

1:06:21 - Portland needs to get season turned around against Seattle

1:08:47 - St. Louis gets another big test against Cincy

1:12:54 - USMNT roster thoughts

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It's Denis Bouanga's world and the rest of MLS beware! The crew gathers in studio for the full Matchday recap, including "Buy and Sell" Eastern Conference edition. 

1:30 - Gass is back from GA Cup!

17:37 - Best things we saw on Matchday 7

23:58 - Rapids finally get a win!!

35:37 - Bouanga nets hatty, LAFC on fire

49:28 - Houston are good! And fun! 

50:36 - LA Galaxy in a rough spot, El Trafico looms

1:03:05 - Cincinnati continue to grind out wins

1:05:41 - Buy or Sell: Eastern Conference teams

1:17:19 - RSL snap skid

1:17:49 - Miami in free fall

Direct download: 230410_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-28_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
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For the first time in years, we're actually in NEW YORK, NEW YORK! Andrew, Calen and Doyle run through positive and negative suprises among players so far in MLS, then turn their attention to Matchday 7 to get you ready for the weekend.

0:10 - We’re back in studio!!

5:50 - Players who’ve been the biggest surprises

15:21 - Players who’ve been the biggest disappointments

26:23 - Why goals are down across the league

33:08 - Golden Boot Draft Update + Who we’re backing to score Matchday 7

39:52 - Cincy v Philly in an Eastern Conference showdown

47:33 - Seattle v CITY for the top spot in the West 

54:53 - NYC v Atlanta Preview

59:17 - LAFC v Austin Preview

1:01:38 - Where in the World is Calen Carr Matchday 7 Edition

1:03:16 - Our games to watch for Matchday 7

1:10:07 - Mailbag

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After a lively Matchday 6, the gang gathers (sans Gass, watch GA Cup coverage on MLS Season Pass!) to go over the headlines. Plus, which coaches have impressed the most so far ... Adrian Heath, Bradley Carnell, Brian Schmetzer, Wilfried Nancy ... and Robin Fraser?!?

3:36 - Best things we saw from Matchday 6

5:02 - Minnesota knocks off STL, remains unbeaten

11:31 - How will St. Louis bounce back?

15:38 - Simon Becher sets a record, Vancouver rolls

21:01 - What’s Seattle’s best XI?

38:14 - Wilfried Nancy’s vision is coming together in Columbus

47:08 - Signs of life for Colorado?

53:39 - Cincinnati’s defense is elite

57:41 - Quick hit results and topics

1:10:39 - CCL Preview

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If you yell at us enough, we will talk about your team! Revs supporters proved that, and got a deep dive as their reward. The guys wrap up the international window for the USMNT and Canada, then preview Matchday 6, including German interest in Brandon Vazquez.

4:12 - Big takeaways from Nations League for the USMNT & Canada

14:01 - Deep dive on the Revs’ hot start to the season

31:17 - Brandon Vazquez to the Bundesliga? 

35:32 - Battle of the unbeatens when STL takes on Minnesota

43:38 - Extratime’s matches to watch for Matchday 6

1:04:52 - Mailbag

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Everything you need to know (and lots you don't) after MLS Matchday 5. Kaylyn beats the machines to join the show, and the guys dig into Folarin Balogun to USMNT...

4:38 - USMNT back… is it Folarin Balogun time???

13:07 - Kévin Cabral scores, things are bad in Austin

21:14 - Houston Dynamo are back, baby! 

28:24 - Dénis Bouanga steps off the plane and scores the winner

31:40 - CITY are STILL perfect

45:51 - Columbus smash Atlanta

53:51 - Jordan Morris scores four, Sounders dominate

59:39 - Revs quietly near the top of the league 

1:05:39 - Why we’re not worried about Philly

1:08:06 - Quick hit results

Direct download: 230327_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-24_FULL_SHOW_AUDIO.mp3
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The guys are here to get you ready for MLS Matchday 5! We dig into our games to watch, the Rapids tough start and the effects of the international break.

6:24 - Arsenal named 2023 MLS All-Star opponent

14:54 - MLS teams getting hit hard by international call ups

28:21 - Austin v Colorado in a matchup of desperate teams

30:57 - Deep dive on what’s gone wrong in Colorado

48:17 - Our matches to watch in MD5

59:06 - Dante Vanzeir Interview

1:17:57 - Mailbag

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Everything you need (or don't need lol) to know about MLS Matchday 4. Tom joins the show with some much-needed insider transfer knowledge, too! You can watch ETR on MLS Season Pass on Apple TV or YouTube.

1:27 - Best things we saw Matchday 4

8:28 - Almada balling, Atlanta for real

19:36 - How long can St. Louis CITY stay perfect?

36:21 – Houston get a statement win

46:32 - Making sense of that WILD Montréal comeback win

53:58 - Signs of life in Charlotte

57:11 - Toronto win, Insigne on the way out?

1:02:32 - RBNY get first win, Vanzeir gets first goal

1:07:53 - Quick hit results

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We've got the fever, and now so do you. The guys break down all the action from the Concacaf Champions League Round of 16 then look ahead to MLS Matchday 3!

1:00 - Breakdown of our show intro

13:56 - Celebrating Violette’s storybook CCL run

22:47 - What went wrong for Austin

35:09 - Orlando take Tigres to the wire

45:44 - LAFC survive Alajuelense comeback

47:28 - ‘Caps cruise to quarterfinals, face LAFC

48:19 - Philly handle business against Alianza, now face Atlas

50:13 - Sounders host LAFC in Matchday 4’s headliner

54:59 - Can St. Louis stay unbeaten? 

59:01 - Our matches to watch this weekend

1:15:09 - Mailbag

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It's Monday and that means a full deep dive into Matchday 3! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, Matt Doyle, and Kaylyn Kyle hit on all the big storylines from the weekend including STL's magical run, LAFC's dominance, and Cincy's big win!

2:06 - Best things we saw Matchday 3

15:31 - LAFC look dominant

26:41 - CITY win again! And now Roberto Firmino on the way???

41:19 - Evaluating Evander’s performance 3 matches in

44:31 - Is Cincinnati the best team in the league? 

51:36 - Caleb Wiley breakout! Are Atlanta back?

55:41 - Breaking down what’s gone wrong in Charlotte 

1:00:41 - Gregore’s injury could be season-changing for Miami

1:08:30 - Quick hit results

1:22:10 - CCL Preview


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Calen Carr is back! And he returns after a wild Concacaf Champions League matchday...

The guys break down Orlando's heroic draw, Austin's embarrassing loss and the Union's mature result, then turn their focus to Matchday 3 in MLS! Plus, more team assignments in the mailbag.

0:30 - Calen Carr’s Extratime season debut

7:59 - Orlando survives El Volcán!

22:24 - Austin lives the CCL free space experience

42:04 - Philly gets a good result in El Salvador 

50:23 - Games we’re looking forward to the most for Matchday 3

54:04 - We’re hyped for the Cincy - Seattle showdown 

56:51 - Can Miami keep their run going against NYCFC?

59:19 - Which 2-win team is most impressive?

1:06:00 - MLS news roundup

1:08:21 - Mailbag

Direct download: 230308_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-19_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
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We're back to break down anything and everything from Matchday 2! Former Canada international Kaylyn Kyle joins Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, and Matt Doyle to discuss STL's hot start, whether Miami are trophy contenders, and which MLS teams have the best shot in CCL!

3:39 - Celebrating St. Louis’ first-ever home match

15:01 - Best things we saw in Matchday 2

31:30 - Are Inter Miami Supporters’ Shield contenders?

34:41 - Sounders are flying out of the gate

40:50 - LAFC get ringz, celebrate by beating Portland

47:23 - STL-CLT game breakdown

58:23 - Quick hit results

1:20:34 - CCL fever is back! Which MLS teams have a legit shot?


Direct download: 230306_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-18_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
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We're dropping ETR on Thursday mornings! You're welcome, and thank you to everyone who sent in mail. Andrew and Dave are joined by Backheeled's Joe Lowery to go through all the best questions ahead of MLS Matchday 2. We talk about our soccer journeys, look ahead to the weekend's games, throw out some fake trades and much more!

4:11 - Reminiscing on the moments that got us into soccer

11:29 - Games we're most excited about in Matchday 2 (Hello, STL!)

27:45 - How James Sands’ return changes NYCFC

33:51 - Matchday 2 players to watch 

43:03 - Options for Austin at centerback, in league and out

50:09 - Scheming up MLS trades that make sense for both clubs

56:33 - Takeaways from Losada’s first game with Montréal

58:55 - The best cores in the league to build around

1:03:40 - Rapid-fire mailbag

Direct download: 230301_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-17_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
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MLS is back, and the guys dig into the first slate of games, one by one! Best things we saw! Biggest overreactions! St. Louis CITY's first win! Thiago Almada masterclass! And much more!

7:00 - Best things we saw from Matchday 1

13:05 - Biggest overreactions coming off Matchday 1

18:49 - Why the Lorenzo Insigne injury is so alarming

21:06 - STL get their first win in club history! 

33:44 - Philly roll over Columbus, but Crew show pluck

40:39 - Thiago Almada MVP campaign is underway

51:46 - Dream home opener for Nashville, serious concerns for NYCFC

56:38 - Why Cincy's flat win was encouraging 

59:49 - Quick hit results

1:16:23 - Mailbag! 

Direct download: 230227_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-16_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
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The day has finally come ... MLS is back! The guys are here to get you ready for Matchday 1, including an epic El Trafico. Plus, the Golden Boot Draft is full of laughs and we assign clubs for more neutral fans!

6:57 - We’ve got more of the new jerseys to show off!

16:31 - Get HYPED for El Trafico

24:23 - Matchday 1 Games we’re most excited for 

30:09 - Gass Theorem Award predictions

34:23 - 2023 Golden Boot Draft

1:06:34 - Mailbag - more team assignments!

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The season is almost here! With just four days until MLS is back, Andrew, David, Doyle and Tommy Scoops embark on ETR's favorite show of the year...

It's prediction time! The guys start by breaking down the new playoff format before diving into predictions for both real and Extratime-sanctioned awards. We round out the show with our second annual trophy draft! 

6:37 - More new MLS kits!

13:02 - Breaking down the new MLS Cup Playoffs format

24:03 - Quick MLS news and notes

29:37 - Traditional award predictions

1:00:53 - Extratime award predictions 

1:24:53 - 2023 Extratime Trophy Draft

Direct download: 230221_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-14_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
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We're officially one week away from MLS opening day. The guys welcome Tommy Scoops back to the show, talk Julian Araujo to Barcelona, a blockbuster trade out of Portland and finish up the team previews with ATX, LAFC, CLT, MIA, NYC and TOR!

4:32 - New kits are here! Our favorites from the first batch

12:14 - Julián Araujo to Barca back on??

15:18 - Bill Tuiloma trade breakdown

25:27 - Austin Season Preview

35:14 - LAFC Season Preview

43:20 - Charlotte Season Preview

50:39 - Miami Season Preview

58:44 - NYCFC Season Preview

1:07:07 - Toronto Season Preview

1:13:00 - Top 5 RBs and D-Mids in MLS

Direct download: 230216_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-13_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
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Big news! Extratime is coming back to video! All the details, plus the guys dig into Sebastian Driussi's new contract. Then it's time for six more team previews -- ATL, CLB, CIN, LAG, NASH and NE -- and Top 5 rankings of left backs and center forwards.

3:47 - We’re returning to video! 

7:07 - Why we’re all about Driussi’s new contract

18:39 - Things are getting dicey in Minnesota! 

22:42 - Jonathan Mensah trade breakdown

31:47 - Atlanta Season Preview

41:00 - Columbus Season Preview

48:19 - Cincinnati Season Preview

55:43 - LA Galaxy Season Preview

1:04:59 - Nashville Season Preview

1:14:36 - New England Season Preview

1:22:20 - Top 5 LBs and No. 9s

Direct download: 230214_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-12_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
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Andrew is completing a cross-country move so David Gass and Matt Doyle are here for your bi-weekly dose of MLS! The guys preview 6 more clubs, talk to new CF Montréal head coach Hernán Losada, and continue our Top 5 position rankings with wingers and centerbacks! 

6:00 - Dishing out more team assignments to listeners

11:07 - Atlanta United has a new DP striker

14:59 - Why the Jayden Nelson transfer is disappointing

21:00 - Orlando City Season Preview

31:10 - Houston Dynamo FC Season Preview

40:49 - FC Dallas Season Preview

49:43 - RBNY Season Preview

57:35 - Minnesota United Season Preview

1:05:56 - Interview:  Hernán Losada

1:19:54 - CF Montréal Season Preview

1:23:19 - Top 5 Position Rankings: LW, RW & CB

Direct download: 230209_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-11_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
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Free space is everywhere, even at the Club World Cup. The guys break down the Sounders' disappointing loss, overreact to the preseason, discuss whether Jesse Marsch deserves to walk into the USMNT job and dig into the Union, St. Louis CITY, Earthquakes, Real Salt Lake, Chicago Fire and Sporting KC as our season previews roll on. Plus, Top 5 goalkeepers and box-to-box midfielders!

3:44 - We assign Jim an MLS team

6:39 - Sounders bounced from the Club World Cup

16:31 - Preseason overreactions

21:51 - Is Jesse Marsch the leading USMNT candidate?

31:47 - LAFC in for Abuameyang?

34:36 - Philadelphia Union season preview

42:33 - St. Louis season preview

49:43 - San Jose season preview

58:28 - RSL season preview

1:13:07 - SKC season preview

1:20:13 - Top 5 GKs in MLS

1:23:06 - Top 5 Box-to-Box midfielders in MLS

Direct download: 230206_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-10_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
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Wiebe is back to help kick off the 2023 Season Previews! Plus, all the latest transfers, including Julian Araujo in limbo to Barca and Chicho to Pachuca, the top five No. 10s in MLS and an interview with Sounders manager Brian Schmetzer from the Club World Cup.

0:42 - Why does Doyle hate Tom?

5:10 - Best things to watch on Apple Season Pass

10:43 - Preseason stories we’re overreacting to

15:00 - Why Julian Araujo’s potential Barca move got held up

19:15 - Why LAFC sold Chicho Arango to Pachuca 

23:17 - Brenner staying with FC Cincinnati

25:00 - Brian Schmetzer Interview

48:02 - What to expect from the Sounders in the Club World Cup

52:35 - Seattle Sounders season preview

1:01:59 - Portland Timbers season preview

1:09:56 - Vancouver Whitecaps season preview

1:18:28 - D.C. United season preview

1:27:23 - Colorado Rapids season preview

1:36:13 - Top 5 No. 10s in MLS

Direct download: 230202_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-09_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 5:56pm EDT

Andrew is still missing his voice so it's back to a 3-man crew today! David Gass, Tom Bogert, and Matt Doyle break down all the latest transfer news as the European window draws to a close. The guys also delve into the Sounders' chances at a Club World Cup run and give their takeaways from last week's January Camp friendlies. 


5:34 - Transfer deadline day is here! (for Europe)

7:33 - Where do Cincy turn if they sell Brenner?

20:17 - Latest on LAFC’s transfers + glaring roster holes

30:20 - Philadelphia look set to hold onto two key players

35:47 - Chicago in for a DP striker

42:03 - RBNY finally move on from Klimala

54:33 - Club World Cup is HERE! GET HYPED!

1:03:59 - USMNT January camp takeaways

1:13:07 - Mailbag and win-win trades we want to see

Direct download: 230130_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-08_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 4:48pm EDT

Andrew Wiebe is sidelined with voice loss so David Gass steps in to host alongside Matt Doyle and Tom Bogert! The guys go deep on the fallout from the USMNT shakup and discuss where the program should look for its new sporting director and coach. Then the crew turns to MLS to discuss Toronto's rebuild, Philly's big trade and much more!


6:46 - USMNT shakeup! We break down the fallout

12:21 - Where does the national team program go from here?

26:11 - USMNT - Serbia takeaways (Zendejas + Sonora thoughts)

44:01 - Sean John joining Toronto - is this club ready to contend?

51:118 - Philly making moves, keeps getting better

1:01:31 - Orlando continues to win the offseason

1:03:17 - Atlanta in for a new striker 

1:05:16 - MLS teams will have their depth tested this year

1:08:41 - RBNY’s roster is starting to look interesting

1:12:29 - Mailbag

Direct download: 230126_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-07_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
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Preseason rolls on and there's a lot (or absolutely nothing to take away from it). Plus, the Leagues Cup groups are out, and the guys have takes, the Allocation Order is dead (long live the Allocation Order!) and there's plenty of news around MLS to sink our teeth into...

2:23 - Thank you to the SB Nation writers and podcasters

9:59 - Preseason overreactions!

16:16 - Best and worst Leagues Cup groups

27:55 - Adios to the Allocation Order

30:21 - Best moments in Allocation Order history

37:36 - Alberth Elis back to MLS???

45:10 - Evaluating the Quakes’ offseason moves

47:47 - Miami lining up with 2 strikers, Pizarro back

51:41 - Vancouver Whitecaps update

56:01 -News and notes around the league

1:04:02 - Mailbag

Direct download: 230123_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-06_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 3:21pm EDT

The MLS family tragically lost one of its members Thursday. The guys remember and honor Anton Walkes, then cope the only way they know how. First up, Dave's 2023 D.C. United take, then early MLS Cup odds, Josef Martinez's Miami outlook, Diego Lainez's MLS possibilities, frustration for supporters in LA and some encouraging Rapids moves!

2:40 - Remembering Anton Walkes

6:43 - David Gass roster take of the week - D.C. United

13:25 - Bet MGM odds for MLS Cup

19:20 - How much pressure is on Josef Martínez in Miami?

27:12 - What Miami’s XI looks like now

33:22 - Possible landing spots for Diego Lainez in MLS

45:13 - Trouble in Galaxy land

53:33 - Colorado Rapids making moves!!

1:00:22 - Roldan and Morris sign extensions with Seattle

1:06:27 - NYCFC losing more players, supporter frustration building

1:09:39 - STL is looking pretty thin at CB

1:11:51 - USMNT Jan. Camp roster thoughts

Direct download: 230119_Extratime_Season-13_Episode-05_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
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It's the most wonderful time of the year! Preseason is here, but the big news is in Chicago, where Jhon Duran is headed to the EPL for mucho dinero. Andrew, Dave and Tom break down the huge deal, then turn their sights to Brenner's Italian interest and all the other transfer dealings around MLS. Plus, USMNT Camp Cupcake call-up wishlist!

0:30 - Preseason starts this week!

5:19 - Club World Cup draw is set!

8:03 - Chicago cashes in on Jhon Durán for $18+ mil

23:35 - Deep dive on the future of the Fire

39:29 - Should Cincy sell Brenner?

51:53 - Key DP spots still open around the league

56:00 - Is Carlos Gruezo a good signing for San Jose?

58:23 - Rapid fire on your twitter questions

1:08:19 - USMNT January Camp talk

1:16:56 - Mailbag

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You didn't think the transfer madness was going to calm down, did you? Andrew, Doyle, Tommy Scoops and Dave run through all the latest hot stove in MLS -- Lucho, Josef, Cho Gue-Sung, Christian Ramirez, Kei's trade request, Chicho Arango back on the trade block & more -- and dig into the first salvo of Apple TV talent announced for MLS Season Pass!

5:00 - MLS/Apple talent announced! 

16:48 - Club World Cup Update

17:39 - Does Lucho Acosta really want out?

22:43 - Will Josef Martinez to Miami work?

31:54 - Players who will benefit most from a change of scenery

41:33 - Minnesota United after Cho Gue-Sung

47:37- Christian Ramirez and Columbus’ offseason so far

52:57 - Kei Kamara requests trade from Montreal

59:49 - Chicho Arango trade rumors are back

1:04:16 - How Dallas should use their open DP slot

1:08:39 - Adam Lundqvist traded to Austin FC

1:09:57 - Mailbag

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Tom Bogert joins Andrew Wiebe for another transfer/MLS offseason special! The boys rank the 5 best offseasons in the league to this point, get an Atlanta update from The Athletic's Felipe Cárdenas, and get an Argentina/MLS scourting repot from Peter Coates. They then close out the show answering your Twitter transfer questions!


2:40 - Gareth Bale retirement, LAFC cap implications

8:54 - Top 5 best offseasons (so far) in MLS

22:53 - Jhon Durán set for a big move?

24:23 - Felipe Cárdenas on what next for Josef + Atlanta’s offseason 

42:19 - Peter Coates scouting reports on Martín Ojeda, Gastón González, and Enzo Copetti

58:01 - Tom Bogert answers your twitter transfer questions!

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Happy New Year from Extratime! Tom Bogert joins Andrew Wiebe and Matt Doyle to run through all the transfer activity since the guys last got together and look ahead to MLS in 2023.

2:20 - Extratime’s New Year's resolutions

7:15 - MLS on Apple TV!

7:55 - Remembering Kevin Payne

11:27 - Biggest transfer stories since we’ve been gone

20:56 - Seattle in Club World Cup! Sounders roster update

25:23 - Our Top 5 Intra-MLS Moves of the offseason

41:13 - LAFC transfer updates

45:46 - Mateusz Klich to D.C. United latest

52:19 - Daniel Gazdag DP deal, Philly transfer news

55:29 - What’s going on with NYCFC?

1:02:14 - Revs make two great signings

1:10:06 - Quick hit transfer news and rumors

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