With MLS still getting into the swing of things, Jurgen Klinsmann and the US national team are stealing all the headlines as the Americans winless streak starts to get attention. Klinsmann says fitness is to blame for a 3-2 loss against Chile, but what about the game before that? The guys dig and talk it through. Could the USMNT boss' job be in trouble if the slide continues? Opinions are split.

In the second segment, it's all MLS all the time. In Toronto, Giovinco arrived at the airport to a massive welcome party? When has that happened before? And, more importantly, will he finish the 2015 season as the league's biggest star? Or will Kaka take that title? Or David Villa? Or Steven Gerrard? Maybe Frank Lampard? You get the picture. Plus, which MLS rumors are bogus and which have a grain of truth?

In the mailbag, the guys decide a US Open Cup bracket has to go on the to-do list, wonder about the Rapids' new signings and ponder Julian Green's future career in MLS.

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