The guys are back after a Monday holiday to break down the best in Matchday 19 (Hany hatty, Ruiz bomb and premature celebrations), look ahead to Matchday 20 (uh oh, here come Gold Cup absences) and talk through some big Messi-to-Miami news. Plus, Tommy Scoops' transfer notebook, MLS midseason award check-in and USMNT/GGG thoughts!

5:22 - Hany Mukhtar hat-trick vs RSL

8:02 - Bocce Soccer in San Jose’s Halftime show 

10:17 - Pablo Ruiz goal: 68.24 yards (and some questions for Wayne Rooney)

22:20 - Teams hit the hardest by the Gold Cup

31:49 - Messi & Friends: Can Miami go full “Tiki Taka” Barcelona?

39:40 - Tom Bogert’s Transfer Notebook/News

49:05 - Midseason Awards! From MVP to D-Mid of the Year

1:09:27 - Supporters’ Shield Predictions

1:12:13 -Nations League Champions: Vamos USMNT!

1:17:20 - Gio Reyna balls out in blonde

1:19:30 - Gregg Berhalter is back! Is that a good thing for USMNT?

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