Our favorite topic: young players! David Gass, Matt Doyle, and Stefano Fusaro make their cases for who should be at the top of this season's 2022 under 2022 list and review all the biggest stories of Matchday 30.

6:55 - Breaking down Miami's impressive win over LAFC

18:05 - DC’sTed Ku-Dipietro is balling!

27:17 - Vancouver Whitecaps win Cascadia Cup

32:20 - Alan Pulido is right in the Golden Boot race

38:05 - St. Louis have a chance to prove themselves against SKC

41:31 - Orlando, Facundo Torres upset Cincinnati 

48:11 - Colorado's problems were bigger than Robin Fraser 

58:50 - Our picks for the No. 1 spot on this year's 22 under 22 list

1:21:30 - What a successful window looks like for the USMNT

1:23:13 - Matchday 31 Preview


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