1:25 - Best / worst thing we saw on Matchday 15 with Sacha Kljestan!

4:00 - Mat Miazga… what are you doing?!

5:28 - The Hudson River Derby

11:00 - Real Salt Lake v Colorado, the best game this week!

22:05 - Marco Reus in MLS… but which team will he land in?

28:53 - Brian Dunseth joins to talk Rocky Mountain Cup, RSL, Chicho and more!

54:30 - Are RSL really and truly Shield contenders? 

55:26 -  Ben Wright joins to dig deep into a new Nashville era 

1:06:50 - What is the profile Nashville is looking for in a coach?


Direct download: 240520_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-37.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 4:18pm EDT

1:27 - Best things we saw

9:30 - Portland - San Jose ending was WACK

10:09 - Gary Smith OUT in Nashville, where the club goes next

28:39 - New York Derby Preview

32:19 - Emil Forsberg Interview 

45:28 - Canadian Classique Preview

46:35 - Rocky Mountain Cup Preview


Direct download: 2401516_Extratime_Season14_Episode35_FullShowmp4.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 4:22pm EDT

Andrew Wiebe and Matt Doyle fire up the mics to go through an INSANE start to Rivalry Week presented by Continental Tire! Join the guys as they go through all the madness!

4:00 - Matais Rojas absurd free kick

6:40 - Patrick Agyemang hive - WE UP

12:51 - Nashville hit rock bottom

14:10 - Cincinnati are Shield contenders

26:58 - Are we worried about Columbus? 

31:02 - Timbers are freefalling 

33:55 - Christian Benteke on fire

39:50 - Gonzalo Pineda’s seat is getting hot

46:45 - Philly have disappointed this season

49:27 - Big win for Orlando, Duncan McGuire new contract???

51:40 - Toronto, NYC trade goals, words

55:35 - LA, RSL split points at the top of the West

1:03:07 - Hernán López looks like a baller

1:06:00 - LAFC annihilate Vancouver 

1:08:40 - Jesús Ferreira youngest to 50 goals

1:11:00 - Panic time for SKC

1:14:40 - Liga MX Minute


Direct download: 240513_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-35_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO_NEW.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 6:07pm EDT

Calen Carr and Messi! Longtime partner in soccer Calen joins Andrew Wiebe to look ahead to Matchday 13 including the turmoil in Montréal, Enzo Copetti reportedly on the way out of Charlotte, and the best matches of Rivalry Week presented by Continental Tire! To cap off, Wiebe chats with Columbus Crew head coach Wilfried Nancy! 

6:19 -  Cavan Sullivan gets his moment

10:16 - Calen Carr gets to call a Messi game!

13:32 - Calen on what makes Messi so special

19:30 - Big changes in Montréal - where the club goes next

26:53 - Enzo Copetti reportedly leaving Charlotte

29:11 - Would Marco Reus fit in St. Louis?

31:41 - Golden Boot Draft Update

32:50 - Best matches of Rivalry Week presented by Continental Tire

47:25 Wilfred Nancy Interview


Direct download: 240509_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-34_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 4:40pm EDT

We are all witnesses. After a stunning Messi / Inter Miami win, Andrew Wiebe and Matt Doyle jump on the mic to talk about whether the GOAT can break Carlos Vela's records and which team has the best chance of spoiling Miami's season. The guys then dive into the rest of Matchday 12 including Toronto and Minnesota's fantastic form, RSL leading the West, and San Jose's shocking upset of LAFC. 

4:35 - Best Things we Saw on Matchday 12

6:53 - Enzo Copetti shushes own crowd

9:55  - Messi goes ballistic, Miami destory Shield rival Red Bulls

15:45 - Miami’s roster build around Messi is extremely impressive

22:09 - Why Columbus are still a better team than Miami right now

24:50 - RSL top of the West for the first time since 2013!

37:57 - Eric Ramsay has Minnesota rolling

40:54 -  Atlanta free-falling

43:45 - Quakes shock LAFC, Hernán López debuts

51:30 - Are Toronto dark horse Supporters’ Shield contenders? 

55:36 - Colorado Rapids are for real

1:01:30  -  Walker returns, Nashville win

1:15:49 -  Liga MX Minute


Direct download: 240506_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-34_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 5:20pm EDT

The free space is... elation? Sacha Kljestan joins Andrew Wiebe to break down Columbus' incredible run to the CCC final and what makes Wilfried Nancy such a good coach. Then, Andrew is joined by MLS Season Pass analyst Danny Higginbotham to look ahead to Matchday 12 headlined by the massive showdown between Inter Miami and the New York Red Bulls. 

Direct download: 240502_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-33_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 4:57pm EDT

It's a jam-packed Monday show for you! Andrew Wiebe and Matt Doyle go through everything from MLS Matchday 11 including Messi's continued brilliance, where Diego Chara ranks all-time in MLS, and whether Austin are back.

2:16 - Best things we saw - Brian White revenge game!!!!

9:12 - Why we’re applauding Miami’s ambition (even if you hate them)

19:18 - Is there any hope for the Revs?

24:07 - How legit is Austin’s form?

29:30 - What Vancouver proved in their road draw with Red Bull

34:12 - RSL, Arango are on fire

36:30 - Peter Vermes and his iPad

37:17 - Likely end of the road for Reynoso... does Minnesota even need him?

41:32 - Breakdown of NYC’s positive turn in form

48:00 - Chris Brady balls out

49:10 - We’re a little concerned about Almada and Atlanta

52:20 - Where does Diego Chará rank all-time among MLS D-Mids?

54:40 - That’s Wack: Seattle and Nashville

59:55 - San Jose splash the cash!!

1:08:52 - New Segment! Liga MX Minute


Direct download: 240429_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-32_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 4:44pm EDT

The Crew did (half) of it! Andrew Wiebe recaps Columbus' impressive Leg 1 win over Monterrey in CCC, interviews the Portland Timbers' Evander, and talks with Paul Dolan and Lori Lindsey ahead of a big MLS Matchday 11!

1:29 - Columbus get Leg 1 win!!!

3:16 - Interview: Evander on his favorite goals and best Brazilian number 10s

24:09 - Interview: Paul Dolan ahead of Red Bulls - Whitecaps

46:53 - Interview: Lori Lindsey ahead of Philly - RSL


Direct download: 240425_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-31_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 5:54pm EDT

THE RAPIDS!!!!!!!! Andrew Wiebe and Matt Doyle sit down to discuss everything from MLS Matchday 10 including THE RAPIDS, Chicho and RSL rolling, and which coaches are under the most pressure. 

2:55 - How real are THE RAPIDS

9:22 - Prince Owusu wonder goal 

11:03 - Eric Ramsay, Minnesota are rolling

17:32 - How real are Chicho and RSL?

30:11 - Galaxy can’t contend unless they fix their set piece issues

34:09 - Miami keep rolling, but will injuries catch up with them?

40:13 - Nashville are in trouble

44:50 - SKC - STL Derby-Q is a top-3 rivalry in MLS

52:13 - LAFC, RBNY share spoils in marquee showdown

54:19 - Crew head into CCC in not great form

57:35 - NYC saving season with home form

59:30 - Austin winning, but is it sustainable? 

59:59 - Sounders are in deep trouble 

1:02:10 - Coach Pressure Rankings


Direct download: 240422_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-30_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 4:47pm EDT

Longtime partner in soccer Brian Dunseth is back! Dunny joins Andrew Wiebe to run through everything MLS ahead of Matchday 10 including RSL's success, what Minnesota should do with Reynoso, and how he'd try to slow down the LA Galaxy attack. Add in an awesome interview with D.C. United star striker Christian Benteke and this is a show you definitely don't want to miss! 


5:50 - Why LAFC are the best team Brian Dunseth has called this season 

12:19 - Wilfried Nancy signs contract extension with the Crew

21:25 -  MLS Cup or bust for Messi, Miami?

30:45 - What's working for RSL and Chico

37:48 - The latest on Reynoso and Minnesota 

42:50 - Evander the best 10 in MLS???

51:06 - How to (try) slow down the LA Galaxy attack

56:04 - The biggest game this week: SKC v.s STL?

1:01:30 - Christian Benteke on LeBron, D.C.'s young talent, and dominating in the air

1:09:46 - Why Troy Lesesne is off to such a great start


Direct download: 240418_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-29_FULL_SHOW_AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 5:51pm EDT

Andrew Wiebe and Matt Doyle are back to break down everything from Matchday 9! Is Ben Olsen coach of the year after Houston's hot start? Did Vancouver get exposed? Phil Neville said what??? All that and more on a full Monday breakdown! 

7:00 - Better result for Philly or worse result for Atlanta?

25:10 - Are Miami now Supporters’ Shield favorites?

31:40 - Who did we learn more about in the Vancouver - Galaxy game?

41:25 - Breaking down Montréal’s style change - what is their ceiling in the East?

49:40 - Can Mateusz Bogusz be the answer for LAFC?

51:15 - D.C. need to find a way to hold onto results

53:20 - Your Coach of the Year frontrunner is…

57:59 - What Minnesota should do with Reynoso

1:01:54 -  Rock bottom for San Jose

1:03:10 - Matt Doyle’s apology to Rapids fans


Direct download: 240415_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-28_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 5:54pm EDT

It’s a (temporary) return to podcasting for The Athletic’s Paul Tenorio! Paul joins Andrew Wiebe to discuss another tough round for MLS in Concacaf Champions Cup (besides Columbus!), what to watch this weekend, and the latest on the rumored new roster rules!

Direct download: 240411_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-27_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 7:32pm EDT

This is a good show - we promise! Andrew Wiebe and Matt Doyle deliver on their guarantee of a great show as they dive into everything that happened on Matchday 8: RBNY going top of the table, the latest chapter of the Cucho saga, and, of course, El Trafico controversy!

1:55 - Best things we saw on Matchday 8 (Jader Obrian celebration edition)

10:13 - Vanzeir & Amaya ball, Red Bulls go top of the table

18:16 - Cincinnati still have some issues to sort out

22:42 - Controversy in El Trafico! 

35:18 - Our top 5 teams in MLS right now

43:19 - Uhhhhh, what’s up with Cucho?

49:30 - Can the Crew get past Tigres in Champions Cup?

51:40 - Revs deliver in El Promiso

56:25 - How should the Sounders line up when de la Vega is back?

59:48 - Rapids match Messi’s super sub performance

1:01:20 -  Messi v Monterrey Round 2: Can Miami advance? 

1:05:20 - Can John Herdman keep the vibes high in Toronto after 4 straight Ls?

1:06:14 - How good are the ‘Caps?

1:08:22 - More wack: Portland’s first half or SKC’s second half?

1:12:13 - Things are rough in San Jose

1:15:00 - Why it’s been a struggle for St. Louis so far

1:16:45 - Mailbag


Direct download: 240408_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-26_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 4:33pm EDT

Takes on his debut! Lloyd Sam makes his first Extratime apperance, joining Andrew Wiebe to talk MLS' tough week in CCC, El Trafico, and what he's seen from Charlotte's bright start to the season. Throw in an interview with the Galaxy's Mark Delgado and we've got one heck of a show for you this Thursday! 


2:00 - Disaster for MLS in Concacaf Champions Cup

9:45 - What in the world is going on with Cucho?

16:10 - Revs’ disaster start continues

23:50 - Lloyd Sam on Charlotte’s bright start to 2024

46:55 - Lloyd’s favorite young players in the league

49:35 - El Trafico preview

52:35 - Mark Delgado Interview

Direct download: 240404_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-25_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 5:39pm EDT

Jam-packed Matchday 7 breakdown! Andrew Wiebe and Matt Doyle dive into everything from the MLS weekend including Djordje's breakout performance, Orlando's continued struggles, and whether Chicho Arango should've been sent off before his hat trick. 

8:40 - Djordje balls out on LAFC

14:34 - Chicho hat-trick… should he have been sent off?

26:18 - Philly are back, but decisions on Julián Carranza loom

40:16 - Things are bleak in Dallas

45:05 - How much should we believe in Vancouver?

50:15 - Will Cucho Hernandez play against Tigres?

52:13 - Which MLS teams can get through in Concacaf Champions Cup?

55:30 - A season-defining stretch of games for NYC

56:09 - Charlotte’s positive start continues

59:25 - Why we’re not worried about Cincinnati

1:01:05 - Orlando’s spiral continues

1:07:05 - Houston and Colorado: low-key impressing us

1:10:10 - Mailbag


Direct download: 240401_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-24_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 5:46pm EDT

Something a little different today... the guy say goodbye to an absolute Extratime legend, David Gass. 

00:10 - Thank you Gass

15:51 - The actual soccer talk

38:40 - Julian Gressel Interview


Direct download: 240328_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-23_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 5:03pm EDT

Andrew Wiebe is on vacation so it's David Gass taking the reigns! Matt Doyle joins Gass to dig into everything from Matchday 6 including the Fidel Barajas breakout, LAFC's big win, and which teams are truly in trouble. 

2:55 - Teenagers take over Matchday 6!

7:38 - Tyler Adams, USMNT down Mexico (again)

18:00 - Lewis Morgan and the Red Bulls are for real

29:48 - LAFC win - real or mirage?

32:00 - Why there’s real concern for Nashville 

40:00 - Are the Galaxy the most fun team in MLS?

46:50 - The SKC weaknesses the Galaxy exposed 

49:55 - Philly quiet the doubters 

53:143 - Jonathan Rodriguez debuts, looks legit

55:20 - Lorenzo Insigne’s injury could be devastating for TFC

1:01:15 - Colorado v Houston’s wild ending

1:04:40 - Why Seattle has struggled to start the season


Direct download: 240325_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-22_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 5:30pm EDT

Two-man game! Andrew Wiebe and David Gass take stock of MLS ahead of Matchday 6 with grades for this year's new coaches + which players have suprised so far!


14:40 - San Diego are alive and officially making moves

17: 50 -  Does Olivier Giroud make sense for LAFC?

22:00 - Jonathan Rodríguez is officially signs for the Timbers

25:55 - Match of the Matchday: Kansas City vs. Galaxy | St. Louis City vs. D.C.

28: 00 - Who needs to step up this weekend with the International Break in full effect?

35:20 - Surprise Breakout players

41: 15 - Early Progress Reports for new managers


Direct download: 240321_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-21_FULL-SHOW-VIDEO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 4:40pm EDT

It's a packed Extratime! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, and Matt Doyle break down everything from Matchday 5 including Chicago's INSANE comeback, whether NYC saved their season, and which team should be most worried after a rocky start.

15:52 - Extratime Man of the Matchday

23:34 - Eric Ramsay wins first game with the Loons!

29:28 - What’s happening with LAFC?

35:15 - No Messi? No problem for Luis Suarez and Miami 

43:10 - Columbus continue on path to repeating... did Red Bulls get exposed?

51:28 - MLS After-Dark Special: LA Galaxy and St. Louis 

54:30 - Who are we most concerned for: Philadelphia, Orlando, Dallas, New England, or Seattle?


Direct download: 240318_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-20_FULL-SHOW.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 5:47pm EDT

CCC heartbreak once again! Andrew Wiebe and David Gass break down a rough Round of 16 for MLS before diving into some of the big stories around the league, including an interview with new D.C. United head coach Troy Lesesne! 

8:00 - Best Things we Saw: CCC Edition

22:00 - Latif Blessing Trade Breakdown

34:30 - Philadelphia’s disaster in Mexico

32:45 - Orlando loses in the most Concacaf Champions game ever

35:20 - Troy Lesesne Interview

57:19 - Future of D.C. United

1:01:25 - Future of Minnesota United

1:03:50 - The influence of Columbus Crew & Wilfried Nancy on MLS 

1:05:50 - Is there a blueprint for playing against Miami?

1:08:50 - Mailbag


Direct download: 240314_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-19_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 8:18pm EDT

It's back to a 3-man show as David Gass returns from parts unknown! The guys dive into everything from Matchday 4, including Toronto's good vibes, hot starts from the likes of Minnesota, Portland, and Montréal, and whether Orlando and Chicago can get things turned around. 

4:59 - Best Things We Saw on Matchday 4

28:15 - Why we’re buying Minnesota’s hot start

31:19 - We’re concerned about Orlando

34:29 - Red Bulls, Forsberg can be a top 4 team in the East

42:38 - Montréal are for real

50:00 - Portland now chasing Cabecita? 

1:03:48 - Can Chicago get things turned around?

1:07:10 - Concacaf Champions Cup R16 - Second Leg Preview


Direct download: 240311_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-18_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 4:48pm EDT

Direct download: 240307_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-17_FULL-SHOW.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 8:24am EDT

18:50 - Messi, Suarez destroy Orando

31:52 - Are we worried about Orlando?

40:20 - Are the Galaxy back… for real?

51:20 - Who needs Carlos Vela more: LAFC or San Jose?

52:40 - New Managers off to great starts

1:14:35 - Champions Cup Round of 16


Direct download: 240304_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-16_FULL-SHOW.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 7:09pm EDT

With the guys out, Andrew calls in some friends for MLS happy hour. Atlanta United president and CEO Garth Lagerwey stops by to talk the 2024 season, from trophy expectations to the proper use of U22 spots. Plus, Marcelo Balboa's got the lowdown on El Trafico (and the Rapids tough start), and Joe Lowery (Total Soccer Show, Backheeled.com) gives his three most interesting storylines heading into MatchDay 2.

3:12 - Garth Lagerwey on 2024 season, Crew match

13:12 - How does MLS compare to Liga MX?

18:20 - Scouting for MLS + Roster rules now/future

27:35 - Almada interest and future in ATL

39:46 - Marcelo Balboa on Cali Clasico, STL v RSL and Rapids

1:01:47 - Joe Lowery on Cincy turnover, new-look TFC and Ramsey in Minn


Direct download: ETR_02292024.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 7:52pm EDT

Andrew, Doyle and Dave get together to celebrate and break down a busy Matchday 1. Late Messi heroics, big statements by last year's MLS Cup finalists, FC Dallas' formational switch, managerial debuts good and bad and our first-ever ETR Player of the Week Award!

2:55 - Best things we saw from Opening Weekend

9:00 - Galaxy v Miami: both fun, both flawed

22:10 - LAFC gets statement win over Seattle

30:37 - Columbus roll in opener… what was that from Atlanta?

37:52 - FC Dallas and the 3-5-2 trend

43:23 - Federico Bernardeschi is a wingback now?

48:20 - Eryk Williamson, Christian Benteke show out

53:25 - Breaking down the new coach debuts

1:09:40 - Concacaf Champions Cup Preview

1:16:32 - Mailbag


Direct download: 240226_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-14_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 4:16pm EDT

One game down, many, many more to go! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, and Matt Doyle recap Miami's win over RSL, the MLS clubs involved in CCC, and finish off our season previews ahead of Opening Weekend! 

9:30 - Orlando takes care of business in CCC

14:20 - St. Louis downs Houston 

24:38 - Reason for concern despite Miami’s win?

34:38 - What to make of RSL’s season-opening performance

42:52 - LA Galaxy Season Preview

51:06 - Atlanta United Season Preview

58:46 - Seattle Sounders Season Preview

1:05:41 - LAFC  Season Preview

1:13:19 - Portland Timbers Season Preview

1:21:52 - Colorado Rapids Season Preview


Direct download: 240222_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-13_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 9:30am EDT

The 2024 MLS Season is almost here!! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, and Matt Doyle hold the annual Extratime trophy draft to break down the contenders this season and preview Wednesday night's Miami - Real Salt Lake opener! 

Direct download: 240219_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-12_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 7:07pm EDT

It's the best show of the year! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, and Matt Doyle make their 2024 award predictions before bringing on Tom Bogert for another edition of the Golden Boot Draft!

Direct download: 240215_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-11_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 10:31pm EDT

Gass is struggling from Mardi Gras, but the guys fight through it to talk preseason drama and continue our season preview team capsules! 

4:45 - Preseason drama! 

12:55 - Can the ‘Caps beat Tigres at El Volan?

17:10 - Sporting Kansas City Season Preview

27:20 - New York Red Bulls Season Preview

35:55 - CF Montréal Season Preview

44:18 - Austin FC Season Preview

53:43 - San Jose Earthquakes Season Preview

1:02:05 - Toronto FC Season Preview

1:10:00 - D.C. United Season Preview


Direct download: 240212_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-10_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 9:51pm EDT

Our favorite time of the year - CCC is underway! Andrew Wiebe, David Gass, Matt Doyle break down all the action of the tournament's opening round before rolling on with our MLS season previews! 

2:58 -Whitecaps' classic CCC performance against Tigres

10:55 - Cade Cowell balls for Chivas

16:37 -Chicago Fire FC Season Preview

30:55 - Charlotte FC Season Preview

40:03 - Minnesota United Season Preview

50:20 - New York City FC Season Preview

1:01:19 - FC Dallas Season Preview


Direct download: 240208_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-9_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 4:56pm EDT

Two-man weave is back! With Matt Doyle on a much-deserved vacation, Andrew Wiebe and David Gass keep the season previews rolling with deep dives on Vancouver, Cincinnati, Houston, and Philadelphia! Plus, a full Concacaf Champions Cup preview! 

3:59 -  World Cup Final in New… York? Jersey?

10:30 - Diego Rubio is a great signing for Austin

13:09 -  New York City reloading 

16:45 - Galaxy back in for Ramón Sosa?

18:18 - Vancouver Whitecaps FC Season Preview

29:07 - FC Cincinnati Season Preview

42:27 - Houston Dynamo FC Season Preview

53:21 -  Philadelphia Union Season Preview

1:04:25 - Concacaf Champions Cup Preview - which MLS team can win this thing?

1:17:30 -  Mailbag


Direct download: 240205_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-8_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 7:58pm EDT

We are so back! David Gass returns from shredding fresh powder to help Andrew Wiebe and Matt Doyle get our season previews underway! The guys also debate the biggest offseason winners and break down Chicago's reported big-money No. 9 signing! 

5:45 - The Orlando offseason winner memorial trophy for 2024 goes to…?

9:02 - Eduard Atuesta returns, LAFC offseason starting to look good

18:37 - Leagues Cup draw is out! 

23:40  - Transfer roundup - time to be worried about Austin?

42:47 - Duncan McGuire transfer saga

46:50 - Orlando City season preview

55:34 - St. Louis CITY SC season preview

1:03:54 - New England Revolution season preview

1:12:23 - Nashville SC season preview

1:20:55 - Columbus Crew season preview


Direct download: 240201_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-7_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 3:51pm EDT

Preseason soccer is actually being played!! Andrew Wiebe and Matt Doyle dig in on everything happening in the world of MLS including whether the Red Bulls are contenders, how Dallas should line up in 2024, and whether the Sounders are now the favorites in the Western Conference.

5:28 - Brandon Vazquez on FIRE in Liga MX

12:40 - Best American ever in Liga MX is…?

17:50 - Forsberg BANGER… are RBNY a striker away from contending?

27: 50 - Dallas are nearing a club-record signing from Benfica!

39:31 - Hector Herrera hurt… how the Dynamo have to adjust

44:36 - Danny Musovski is a perfect fit for the Sounders

50:16 - Would Orlando actually sell Duncan McGuire? 

54:30 - Inter Miami's depth is already being tested

1:00:10 - DC United locking in a 3rd DP?

1:05:10 - Portland & Santi Moreno: from soap opera to contract extension


Direct download: 240129_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-6_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 4:55pm EDT

A former MVP joins the show! Andrew Wiebe and Matt Doyle partner with MLS legend Diego Valeri to talk through all the lastest from the MLS preseason. 

1:52 - Best things we saw (Preseason Edition)

7:25 - Diego Valeri joins the show! 

14:37 - Pedro de la Vega makes the Sounders a real contender 

20:49 - How will the Thiago Almada transfer play out?

22:33 - Expectations for Messi and Miami 

30: 04 - Diego’s memories of young Messi

32:50 - Work left to do for the Portland Timbers this preseason

36:45 - Alberth Elis to New England? 

40:28 - LAFC: cooking or crumbling?

45:50 - Charlotte’s DP situation

50:56 -  NYCFC moves finally coming?

55:00 -  Mailbag


Direct download: 240125_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-5_FULL-SHOW-AUDIO.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 4:39pm EDT

Andrew Wiebe and Matt Doyle are back to continue guiding you through the offseason! The guys run through all the major news and notes including Reynoso's second-straight preseason absence, LAFC and Cincinnati's big changes, and where some of the remaining free agents should land!

3:28 - Vibes are high with Hector Herrera, Houston

7:25 - John Herdman has a big job on his hands

12:50 - LAFC’s offseason of change continues

17:49 - Reynoso not at preseason… how worried should Minnesota be?

26:48 - Why an encore performance will be tough for St. Louis

36:20 - Where Divock Origi would fit in MLS

48:15 - Kai Wagner back with the Union 

51:20 -  Things looking a little shaky right now for Cincinnati

57:47 - Who is going to create chances for Orlando?

1:01:28 - Trades that should happen

1:10:42 - Kellyn Acosta to the Rapids would make a lot of sense

1:14:02 - Mailbag


Direct download: 240118_Extratime_Season-14_Episode-4_Andrew-Wiebe-Audio.mp3
Category:Soccer -- posted at: 4:31pm EDT

Our team deep dives continue! Andrew Wiebe and Matt Doyle hit the lastest news and notes from around MLS before diving in on the progress of the LA Galaxy rebuild and the state of the Austin FC roster!

3:20 -   The favorites for the 2024 Wooden Spoon are…?

9:58 - Facundo Torres gets a new contract

12:01 - Pedro de la Vega/Sounders saga continues

13:04 - Why Monterrey makes sense for Brandon Vazquez

19:00 - San Jose got how much from Chivas for Cade Cowell?!?!

32:17 - Best fits for free agent Jamiro Monteiro

37:13 - Best fits for free agent Kellyn Acosta

39:52 - Which team should sign Danny Musovski?

44:54 - LA Galaxy deep dive 

58:33 - Austin FC deep dive

1:08:48 - Mailbag


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Soccer is just a month away! Andrew Wiebe and Matt Doyle break down everything happening in the MLS offseason including the latest free agent signings & rumors, which teams are most ready for Champions Cup, and a deep dive on Charlotte. 


7:30 - Ozzie Alonso calls time on an amazing career

10:02 - Denis Bouanga reportedly wants out… what’s the plan right now for LAFC?

16:45 - Still no coach in Minnesota

22:30 - Which MLS club is most ready for Concacaf Champions Cup?

39:50 - Atlanta signs Dax McCarty as a free agent

44:35 - Cincinnati signs Corey Baird to replace Brandon Vazquez

48:50 - Maxime Crepeau to Portland… Timbers have 2 open DP spots and Evander rumors

52:40 - Why Kellyn Acosta would be a perfect signing for Chicago 

56:48 - Charlotte FC deep dive


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6:48 - New Year’s Resolution: 2024 is the year of… in MLS?

11:05 - Messi, Miami are going for it in Concacaf Champions Cup

14:55 - Bring back the glory days for LA Galaxy, DC United and Red Bulls!

19:25 - Rapids COOKING so far this offseason

30:40 - Free Agency bombshell: Miles Robinson to Cincinnati

43:00 -  Brandon Vazquez reportedly sold to Monterrey… why the move makes sense for everyone

49:45 - Status of the Atlanta United rebuild 

52:23 - Is Caleb Porter the coach to finally bring an MLS Cup to New England?

54:34 -  Troy Lesene reportedly switches sides in the Atlantic Cup 

58:15 - Why Laurent Courtois is a good fit for CF Montréal

1:00:35 - Transfer quick hits… Lloris, Kamal Miller, Tomas Totland & more! 

1:04:00 - LA Galaxy DP spots are burning a hole in their pocket

1:11:30 - Orlando has a chance to be the best team in MLS next season

1:14:30 - Latest roster updates on defending champs Columbus


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