MLS is officially back with a full slate of action, and the guys gather to break it all down, from a new head coach in Toronto to Houston's red-hot form and Messi's first MLS goal! 

2:22 - Best Non-Messi things we saw on Matchday 28

2:54 - Columbus Crew & Jacen Russell-Rowe

6:50 - Sam Adekugbe and Richie Laryea help Vancouver get a big Cascadia W

11:05 - Corey Baird’s crab celebration + Dynamo's great form 

20:07 - How much money would it take for Atlanta to sell Thiago Almada?

30:20- Messi as a sub, same result!

35:55 - Is Miami the best team in MLS right now?

44:44 - Should we be worried about Nashville?

50:15 - 10 point gap for Cincinnati… Is the Shield race over? 

57:54 - Charlotte shocks LAFC

1:11:10 - Can John Herdman fix Toronto?

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