Calen Carr and Bobby Warshaw join Andrew Wiebe in the Green Room as MLS prepares to return from the World Cup break. Before the guys give all 23 teams a turn under the microscope, they round up all the MLS, Concacaf and PRO headlines from Russia. The good, bad and the ugly (and straight up false).

Then it's on to US Open Cup with the quarterfinals set before hitting all the headlines for the entire league at the almost half-way point. What's at stake? Who is worth watching? Who needs to hire a coach (looking at your Orlando)? Whose coach must keep things running as planned (that'd be you, NYCFC)?

Finally, a fun mailbag with listener questions/comments on the viability of a 48-team at the 2026 World Cup, changes to referee structure and the Mexico conundrum.

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