Is the ETR curse real? You'll get no confirmation from us, but Michael Parkhurst did score an own goal in Atlanta's 3-1 loss on Sunday after appearing on the show, so make of that what you will. If you're looking for a unique perspective on the Battle of the Uniteds, FS1's Katie Withamcalls in to explain what it's like to watch the game from the sideline, how the atmosphere in Atlanta has improved in a matter of weeks and why Ben Olsen can identify with Lucho Acosta.


The guys also put a bow on the weekend, starting with Dax McCarty's return to New York, Seattle's epic comeback from 3-0 down against New England, Jozy Altidore's big game against the Dynamo, Sporting KC's claim to the "Best Team in MLS" title and Orlando's impregnable fortress. Plus, what's the best attacking tandem in MLS? And which under-the-radar signing this offseason gets the guys stamp of approval?


Last, but not least, the Hot-Take Hotline brings the heat. That's a good think since Ben Baer, otherwise known as the King of Takes, joins to make sure listeners aren't coming lukewarm. Stick around for voicemails berating Dave for his Broadway knowledge, missives from the "Garbage Bowl," Rapids Rabbi standing by his boys and more Portland trolling.


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