Tuesday ETRs only come around once in awhile, and this one is special for all the right reasons. First, Kurt Larson of the Toronto Sun joins to talk Toronto FC, who signed Jozy Altidore and Giovinco since the last time the guys gathered around the microphone. That's ... bloody big news, but not a bloody big deal this time around. But is it a good thing for MLS? Will Toronto FC actually make the playoffs?

Altidore is on his way to Southern California, where the US national team is gathered for January camp. It's a welcome break from club life for Bobby Wood. Hear the 1860 Munich man describe how he got frozen out of the club. Could MLS be an option? Sure, says Wood. He just wants to enjoy the game again.

In the mailbag, the guys find out what "Blond Door" is and run through reaction from Red Bulls fans who attended the infamous town hall.

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