Time to unpack the United States’ Copa America Centenario-opening defeat to Colombia. Were the teams “completely even,” as Jurgen Klinsmann said? Or did Colombia know the Americans couldn’t threaten them after an early goal? There’s some truth to both. To help break it down, the guys get Seattle Sounders forward and FOX analyst Herculez Gomez on the line. Herc gives some insight into Jurgen, Jordan Morris and Mexico before the guys give their predictions for a must-win match.

In the second segment, it seems everyone is looking at Copa through El Tri-colored glasses. Was that wild win against Uruguay really that impressive? Andrew and David aren’t so sure. Plus, did Jamaica’s coach throw Wes Morgan under the bus for partying like a rock star after Leicester City’s EPL triumph? The answer might be lost in translation…

Which USMNT figurehead relates to a Game of Thrones character? One listener nerds out, and Doyle comes along for the ride.

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