Yes, we talked Messi & Friends and Inter Miami's roster situation BUT not after giving the brilliance of MatchDay 18 its due! Extratime is still (and always will be) all things MLS. Tom Bogert is in the building to educate you on all the transfer dealings around the league.

5:54 - Best Things We Saw Matchday 18

15:24 - How much can Chicho Arango raise RSL’s ceiling?

27:09 - Latest update on Messi to Miami from Tom Bogert

30:43 - Can Miami make the playoffs as constructed?

40:30 - Breaking down how Miami can rebuild its roster on the fly

57:44 - Vancouver Whitecaps FC Deep Dive

1:08:07  - Cincinnati reportedly signing Aaron Boupendza as a DP

1:14:33 - Chicharito done for year with torn ACL


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