Leagues Cup may be many things, but it is never boring. The guys dig into Lionel Messi’s latest masterclass and the quarterfinal matchup with Charlotte, declair LAFC officially back, marvel at the drama in the Clasico Regio and Nashville-Club America matches and draft the craziest moments from the tournament so far!

4:36 - Best things Gass, Wiebe, Doyle and Tommy Scoops saw Round of 16

5:12 - Jim Curtin slams the Red Bulls in press conference

11:30 - Minnesota jump the gun on Club América tickets

15:00 - Nashville’s Panicco comes in to save the PK shootout!

16:15 - Nahuel Guzmán: The GK drama, fun and craziness

24:50 - Dayne St. Claire’s is going full Nahu!

28:05 - Snake draft! Choosing the craziest Leagues Cup’s moments so far

42:14 - Every Inter Miami/Messi game in Leagues Cup is epic!

54:42 - Patrick Agyemang and Charlotte into semis, but do they have a chance vs. Messi?!?

1:02:00 - The Leagues Cup Dark Horse: Querétaro!

1:10:33 - Leagues Cup matchup: Hany v Reynoso!

1:17:23 - LAFC v Monterrey: Denis Bouanga is back!

1:22:26 - Ideal Leagues Cup Final!


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